Home Remedies for High Blood Cholesterol

With the increase in the pace at which the race called life runs, it is no surprise that stress related diseases attacking the body are also on the rise. Erratic food habits are also to be blamed. With no time to think about the nutrition necessary for the body, more and more people are opting for the quick fix food stuffs like a burger or a slice of pizza. A traditional meal had with family is passé. All this does take its toll on the body. High blood cholesterol is one such disorder which is induced by improper lifestyle. Home Remedies for high blood cholesterol are present too. Such remedies will bring the cholesterol to a normal level after which, it is up to the person to keep it under control.

Causes of high blood cholesterol

Assessing the causative factors of high blood cholesterol will make the task of finding high blood cholesterol cure easier. Some causes are self induced and when attacked at the root level, high blood cholesterol can be cured. The primary cause of self induced high cholesterol is food. Some foods are rich in trans fatty acids and saturated fats will raise the cholesterol level in the body. Animal fats found in all non vegetarian food items will also raise the cholesterol levels. Being obese and following a lifestyle with little or no physical activity will make all the fat deposit in the body as they are not being burnt. This will raise the cholesterol levels. When high blood cholesterol is caused by improper diet and lifestyle related factors, it can be controlled by altering these factors.

High blood cholesterol may also be caused due to various hereditary factors. Familial hypercholesterolemia is the name given to such a condition. The person has a high level of cholesterol in the blood at the time of birth itself. This makes him prone to suffering a heart attack at an early age. Cholesterol levels depend on the age and sex. Depending on the age, men and women have high or low cholesterol levels in the body. For such causative factors of high blood cholesterol, medicines work best.

There are as such no symptoms or signs indicating a high level of cholesterol. All individuals above the age of twenty must get their blood cholesterol levels monitored or tested. This keeps them aware of their body condition. High blood cholesterol may cause a host of other problems which may prove fatal. So testing the blood beyond a certain age becomes mandatory. This also helps combat high blood cholesterol levels if present at a much early age when changes can be made easily.

Testing for high blood cholesterol

A blood test normally reveals the cholesterol levels in the blood. This blood test is commonly known as lipoprotein profiling. In order to conduct the test, the person is asked to fast for duration of ten to twelve hours before giving his blood for test. This means he is not allowed to eat or drink anything during this time. The blood tests give a detailed analysis of the levels of good and bad cholesterols in the blood. Accordingly, a course of treatment may be adopted.

The first step in the list of natural remedy for high blood cholesterol involves attacking the risk factors. Risk factors are those factors which increase the probability of the person suffering from high blood cholesterol and its associated diseases. Smoking, high blood pressure, high levels of stress and bad dietary habits are some common risk factors that increase the likelihood of high blood cholesterol and consequently, other cardiac diseases such as heart attack etc. keep away from smoking and give importance to what you eat. There are many drugs that may be used to lower the cholesterol levels. However, they must be prescribed by a physician. Plenty of exercise and controlled eating should go a long way in keeping you healthy and free from high blood cholesterol or for that matter, any disease.