Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Blood pressure is the force of the blood pushing the walls of the arteries that carry blood from the heart to all body tissues and organs. Each time the heart beats (about 60-70 times a minute at rest); it pumps out blood into the arteries creating some pressure. Blood pressure is highest when the heart contracts and blood is pumped. This is called systolic pressure. When the heart is at rest, in between beats, blood pressure persists, but decreases. This is the diastolic pressure. These two figures, systolic and diastolic pressures, usually denote blood pressure.

Blood pressure is not constant throughout the day. It is lowest during the time when we go to bed and increase as we get back to our work during day time. It may rise during the time when we are excited, nervous or under pressure. In an adult individual the normal blood pressure have to be 120/80 mm of mercury.

Increase or decrease with this measurement of pressure can give invitation to large number of problems. This disease if once gets entry into the body system it remains there for lifetime. Hypertension or blood pressure is very common in elder persons. Sometimes it can also be hereditary. Blood pressure is measured by an instrument called sphygmomanometer which is like an inflatable rubber bag enclosed in a cotton cover connected with a mercury manometer on hand and rubber bulb on other to pump air.

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be easily controlled by taking some precautions at the household level. Here are some effective home remedies that work for reducing high blood pressure conditions.

Take two spoonfuls of honey and mix in that one teaspoonful of lemon juice. Drink this twice in a day; once in the morning and once in the evening. This will prove to be a definite home remedies for high blood pressure.

Diet for high blood pressure - Eating oranges and other fruits which have high vitamin C content is very good in cases of high blood pressure. This remedy will bring the blood pressure down within juice about two to three days. However, if your blood pressure is too high, then you must have the oranges on an empty stomach and eat as little of other foods as possible. This is an assured high blood pressure treatment.

The mineral named Shilajit and extract of the Rauwolfia plant (sarpagandha, Rauwolfia serpentina) are both very beneficial in bringing the blood pressure down. In fact, these are the primary treatment methods of high blood pressure in Ayurveda. Take both of these in equal amounts and grind them to a paste. Then make small pellets of them, of the size of grams. Have these thrice in a day, one pellet at a time, with milk. This will help in normalizing the blood pressure. This is an effective high blood pressure remedy.

Natural remedy for high blood pressure - The watermelon fruit is another fruit that’s very beneficial in case you have high blood pressure. Cut open a watermelon in a large plate and make it into slices. Then add some salt and black pepper into the slices. Then crush the slices slightly with your hands and extract their juice. Drink this juice of the watermelon that has been flavored with black pepper and salt. This juice is like an elixir to people who have high blood pressure. Within three to four days of daily consumption of this juice, the value of the blood pressure will go down, and will be back to normal.

One of the good home remedy for high blood pressure is to utilize the watermelon fruit. Take some seeds of this fruit and add it to some khus khus. Take both of them in equal quantities and mix them together. They will become a powder. Store this powder in a glass bottle. Take about three to five grams of this powder on an empty stomach. This will definitely treat the high blood pressure, if the therapy is continued for a whole month.

Another fruit beneficial for normalizing high blood pressure is the papaya. Have this fruit regularly in your larder and eat about two to three slices of this fruit every morning and evening. The first thing this will do will be to flush out the toxins from the body and make your bowels clear. This will go a long way in improving your overall health. The normalization of your blood pressure is just one of the many benefits of this wonder fruit, the papaya.

The Triphala choorna of the Ayurvedic medicine is a miraculous drug in the treatment of hypertension. This is a powder that is made from three essential fruits. They are the amalaki (Indian Gooseberry, Emblica officinalis), bibhitaki (Belleric Myrobalan, Terminalia belerica) and haritaki (Chebulic Myrobalan, Terminalia chebula). Take five grams of this choorna every night before going to bed, with a glassful of warm water. This will certainly bring the blood pressure to safe limits. This is one of the best home remedies for high blood pressure.

Make a powdered mixture of fennel seeds, cumin seeds and sugar taken in equal measures. Then add one teaspoonful of this in a glassful of water and drink it. Do this once every morning and once every evening. This will be beneficial in people who have hypertension. This remedy is found to be more effective in women whose blood pressure increases during pregnancy. It is mild and can be used without any fear of harming the baby. This is one of the useful home remedies for high blood pressure.

High blood pressure remedy - The amalaki (Indian Gooseberry, Emblica officinalis) is by itself a very good remedy for controlling blood pressure due to its extremely high vitamin C content. The amalaki can reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries, which is one of the prime reasons of high blood pressure. You can eat amalaki as it is, or you can use the Triphala choorna remedy mentioned above, as the amalaki is a vital ingredient of the choorna.

High blood pressure cure - Taking ionized water for drinking. This is beneficial in bringing the blood pressure down. Such water should be drunk at regular intervals in the day, about eight to ten times daily.

If you want to treat hypertension permanently, you must eat one papaya a day. Make sure that your stomach is empty and you have not had anything, also see to it that you do not anything after this for at least 2 hours. The treatment takes a long time to show its result and varies from person to person.

Take two teaspoons of onion juice and half teaspoon of honey. Continue this treatment for one to two weeks. You may see the results with this time span. This is one of the best natural remedy for high blood pressure.

Garlic really works as it has shown positive results. It has the capacity to decrease the level of cholesterol. Take clove of garlic daily for 12 days and see yourself the difference in diastolic pressure.

It is believed that alcohol increases the level of cholesterol. This may increase the chance of hypertension, more than one glass of alcohol a day increases blood pressure.

One of the good home remedy for high blood pressure is people who already are suffering from blood pressure show deficiency of calcium in their body. So they should include foodstuffs that are a rich source of calcium in their diet.

Instead of using any other oil for cooking purpose, usage of olive oil for all cooking purpose is very useful. It helps in reducing blood pressure.

Water melons are also an effective remedy. Take some fresh seeds of water melon dry them, now roast them. Consume these seeds as many you can in liberal condition throughout the day. This is one of the important home remedies for high blood pressure.

Regular exercise is the best remedy for hypertension. Involve yourself in daily activities of running, skipping, walking, cycling, jogging etc however walking is the best of all the activities and it also reduces tension.

Potatoes, when boiled, are a good valuable food as they lower down the blood pressure. When potatoes are allowed to boil with their skin, they tend to absorb very little salt. Thus they can form a useful addition to salt-free diet recommended for patients with high blood pressure. Potatoes are rich in potassium but not in sodium salts. The magnesium present in the vegetable have shown positive signs of reducing blood pressure. This is one of the good diet for high blood pressure remedy

Milk is a good source of diet for people affected with it. Drink a glass of milk but make a point that its fat content is only 2%.Also the milk should be boiled only once. This is one of the useful high blood pressure cure.

High blood pressure treatment - Blood pressure affected person must eat vegetables raw as much as possible by him instead of cooked ones. Onions, cucumber, radish, cabbage, carrot are the vegetables that can be eaten raw also they contain some essential oils that help in bringing down the pressure.

If a person suffers from hypotension after one has taken its meal then the best way to avoid this is instead of taking larger doses he must take smaller doses of food frequently throughout the day.

How to get rid of High Blood Pressure

The following are some significant ways in which high blood pressure can be avoided:-

(i) Alcohol should be completely stopped

(ii) Smoking should be restricted and try to stop as this have more chance of increasing blood pressure also it can cause several kinds of cancers.

(iii) Excess consumption of salts in the diet should be avoided.

(iv) Obesity is one of the factors for hypertension, so maintaining desirable weight is necessary.

(v) Regular exercise will cause the excess fats to be used up and reduces the chance of hypertension.

(vi) Sometimes the case of hypertension is hereditary so a regular check up at fixed intervals or after the age of 35 is mandatory.

(vii) It is observed that some women tend to have increased blood pressure if they take birth control pills. Also they cause many other discomforts so before taking such pills they must consult their doctor first.

(viii) Instead of normal exercise one must try aerobic exercise, this have really worked for lot of people.

(ix) Calcium level should be maintained at normal condition its deficiency can be one of the factors for hypertension.

(x) Avoid more speaking it is little difficult to relate but studies have shown that continuous talking can increase pressure, so always be happy and speak less.