Home Remedies for Indigestion

Food is one of the basic necessities of human existence. The food we eat provides us with the energy to do work. But food can be suitable or unsuitable. Suitable food helps our body to grow, while unsuitable food causes several problems in the human system, which are collectively known as indigestion.

Indigestion occurs when the digestive system of the body – mostly the stomach and the intestines – are not able to convert the foods into simple soluble substances that can be assimilated into the human bloodstream. When this happens, the food remains undigested and causes several problems to the person. Some of the complications indigestion can cause are – constipation, diarrhea, dysentery, stomach cramps, stomach aches, etc.

Home Remedies for Indigestion

There are several tried and tested things you can do at the household level to get relief from indigestion problems. The following is an exhaustive list of the various home remedies available for indigestion:-

Extract the juice of a few leaves of the holy basil (Ocimum sanctum). Mix this juice with an equal quantity of the juice extracted from ginger (Zingiber officinale) and with jaggery taken in double the amount. Grind and mix them thoroughly and then make small pellets of them. Take one of these pellets every day with water. Within a few days, the indigestion problems will be resolved and there will be an improvement in appetite. This is one of the useful home remedies for indigestion.

Extract the juice of a sweet pomegranate (check that it is not sour to taste). Take some cumin seeds (Cuminum cyminum) and roast them. Make a paste of these two. Add some jaggery into the paste. Take one teaspoonful of this paste twice or thrice in a day till the indigestion is cured. This is one of the effective indigestion treatment.

A very simple natural remedy for indigestion is to drink two glasses of warm water, which is still giving out some fumes. This remedy is excellent for indigestion that is especially caused due to flour.

In case indigestion is caused due to an excessive consumption of pulses, then taking two pinches of rock salt helps to cure the problem. This is a good home remedy for indigestion.

Indigestion caused due to the consumption of sweet foods can be treated very effectively by eating the powder of the bark of a peepal tree (Ficus religiosa) in the quantity of one teaspoon, with water.

Sometimes, indigestion is caused by eating coconut or the fruits of the palm tree. Such indigestion, which occurs especially in children, can be solved quite simply by eating a bowl full of plain cooked rice.

The neem tree (Azadirachtha indica) is also a good remedy for the indigestion treatment. In case of indigestion caused due to eating things filled with synthetic preservatives, a tablespoonful of the powder of the neem leaves is a good remedy.

Jackfruit is a very sweet and delicious fruit, but eating it in excess can cause indigestion due to the sticky saps present in the fruit. This type of indigestion is seen more commonly in children. In order to treat this problem, the children must be fed one banana.

Indigestion remedy - However, sometimes excess consumption of bananas can also cause indigestion. If that happens, then a spoonful of pure ghee (a little warmed for better results) can put the digestion problems aright.

If the indigestion occurs by an excessive consumption of ghee, then taking the juice of lemon in a teaspoonful quantity helps.

Note: This just goes to show that excess of any food can cause indigestion in the human body. However, there are luckily home remedies for almost every excess. Yet, it is better to keep the body healthy and fit by the proper consumption of a balanced meal, and not having an excess of any one type of foodstuff.

Ginger is a good remedy in case the indigestion has occurred due to the excessive consumption of dates or groundnuts. This is the best indigestion cure.

Some people's digestive systems are sensitive to rice. In such people, consumption of rice can cause continual indigestion problems. If the indigestion occurs due to the consumption of rice, then drinking two glasses of warm water is the best remedy.

Natural remedy for indigestion - Water is a very good remedy for all kinds of indigestion complaints, but sometimes drinking too much water can also create problems. The stomach feels too full and sluggish. If that happens, just take in a pinch of cardamom powder (Elattaria cardamomum). It will help in the proper canalization of water in the body and will also stimulate urination to happen.

For indigestion caused by eating cucumbers, eating a few grains of raw wheat proves very beneficial.

Lentils and chickpeas are very frequent causes of indigestion in people. The seeds of the datura plant are very beneficial in such cases of indigestion. This remedy also gives very instant relief in such cases.

Another good home remedy for indigestion is to take some ginger, black pepper and rock salt in equal proportions. Grind them together and mix the powders well. Then take five grams of the powder and put them in buttermilk in a glassful quantity. Prepare and drink this buttermilk immediately when you have indigestion complaints. Within a few minutes, the digestion problems will be solved.

In a glass of lukewarm water, add a spoonful of juice of lemon, one spoonful of ginger and two spoons of honey. Mix them well and drink in case of indigestion problems. Relief will be immediate.

Indigestion cure - If you are suffering from regular indigestion worries, then you would do better if you consume one gram of powder of the asafetida (Ferula fetida) either plain or in a glass of buttermilk. This will avoid later problems of indigestion.

Aniseed (Pimpinella anisum) is an excellent remedy for indigestion complaints. In case of indigestion problems in infants, aniseed extract is given to them in mild form. This cures their problems. Aniseed extract is actually an important constituent of the famous gripe water given to infants for digestive problems.

Prepare an infusion of aniseed, ginger, cumin and pepper. Prepare the infusion in this manner: Take a teaspoon of aniseed powder and add it in a cup of boiling water. Keep it covered for the night. In the morning, filter the mixture and take the clear solution with honey. This solution not only helps in treating indigestion, but it also helps in preventing gas and gurgling in the abdomen.

The fruit of the bael tree (Aegle marmelos) is used since ancient times for the treatment of digestive problems. In fact, the ripe bael fruit is considered to be best of all laxatives available in nature. It can be eaten raw, or it can be made into a pulp and taken in a glass of water. If the fruit is too intolerable to consume, then it can be flavored by adding some milk and sugar. This is the effective diet for indigestion.

Home remedy for indigestion - The belleric myrobalan (Terminalia belerica) is made into an infusion. One to three grams of the pulp of the fruit can also be taken in case of complaints of indigestion.

Bishop's weed is renowned in the Asian countries for its power in improving digestion. In fact, in the Hindu tradition, Bishop's weed is eaten after every meal. If there are indigestion problems, eat a spoonful of the seeds of the Bishop's weed. This will improve digestion and cause proper motions to occur after the food has been digested.

For simple digestive problems, the raw juice of the leaves of the black nightshade (Solanum nigrum) can be taken.

If the indigestion is so severe that it causes a headache, then prepare tea with a few pods of cardamom in it. Drink this tea when it is still hot. This will cure the headache, as well as the indigestion problems. This is one of the useful indigestion remedy.

One reason why celery leaves are used in salads all over the world and eaten as an accompaniment to a heavy meal is that celery is very effective in facilitating the proper digestion of food. If there is an indigestion problem, then take a teaspoonful of seeds of celery and soak it in a glass of buttermilk. Let this remain for about five to six hours. Have this buttermilk later. It helps in the immediate treatment of indigestion.

If there is indigestion after a heavy meal, then take a tablespoonful of cinnamon water. It will help to food to get digested fast. Cinnamon is in fact added as a spice in most of the Indian and Arabian cuisine to facilitate digestion.

Extract the juice of coriander (Coriandrum sativum). Take two teaspoonfuls of this juice and add it to fresh buttermilk. Consume this juice whenever there is an indigestion problem. This is one of the best home remedies for indigestion.

For indigestion in infants, dill oil tonic is prescribed by the doctor. Even in adults, eating dill regularly helps in preventing indigestion and constipation.

Boil some fenugreek seeds in butter and eat them. This helps in the quick and effective treatment of indigestion problems.

Garlic (Allium sativum) is considered to be a universal remedy for all kinds of digestion problems. Crush some cloves of garlic and prepare its infusion in either water or milk. Consume this infusion whenever there is an indigestion problem. This infusion also helps in the proper passing of the stools. This is one of the important home remedies for indigestion.

Many a time, indigestion is caused due to the consumption of heavy oily and spicy flesh foods. When this occurs, the following remedy works wonders: Extract half a teaspoonful of ginger juice, one teaspoonful each of juices of fresh lime and mint and one tablespoonful of honey. Mix all these fluids together and consume them. This will allay the indigestion in no time.

If diarrhea is caused due to the indigestion, then do this: Take about 5 to 15 grams of nutmeg powder and mix it with the juice of an apple or pulp of a banana. Eating this will set the digestive functions aright and will cause the diarrhea to stop.

If indigestion occurs, then a couple of sprigs of fresh parsley must be eaten or a quarter teaspoonful of the dried parsley herb must be taken with a glass of water. However, it should be chewed well, or the parsley itself can cause further digestive problems.

Diet for indigestion - Chamomile tea is good remedy to keep summertime indigestion at bay. Instead of tea, a cold infusion of the flowers of the chamomile also shows good results.

For indigestion in young children caused due to the excessive intake of carbohydrate foods, fennel is excellent remedy. An infusion of the fennel seeds is prepared in 100 milliliters of water and is kept boiling for half an hour. This is given to the children after it is cooled.

How to get rid of Indigestion

By taking some simple measures, indigestion can be avoided. Keep the following things in mind:-

(i) Eat at fixed times each day.

(ii) If the food is rich, such as meats, then include green salads in the meal.

(iii) Do not eat hot and cold foods at the same time.

(iv) Keep at least a four hour's gap between two meals.

(v) Eat with a cheerful mind.

(vi) Concentrate on the food you are eating.

(vii) Do not eat more than your stomach can afford.

(viii) Do not eat incompatible foods.

(ix) Be particular in your choice of foods. If you have found out that some food does not suit your system, avoid it.

(x) Do not eat stale, undercooked, overcooked food, or food whose taste you do not like.