Home Remedies for Jock Itch


Jock itch or tinea cruris is a skin infection caused by a fungus Trichophyton rubrum. This fungus usually find niche in warm and damp part of the body such as genitals, inner thighs, groin area and the buttocks. Although it is not as serious as other skin infections, it can give massive discomfort to the patient. In addition, in most cases, men are in greater possibility of being infected than women. Excessive sweating and overweight in some instances may worsen the infection.

Signs and symptoms of Jock itch

The infected area may develop reddish, ring-shaped rashes that are itchy. In worst cases, it may cause damage to the skin if left unattended. Other symptoms include peeling of the skin and a burning sensation in the groin and around the groin area.

The fungus starts to grow when the damp part of the body becomes too warm and start producing sweat. Undergarments and clothes that are too tight may increase the infection. People with weak immune system like those who are suffering from AIDS and diabetes are more likely to acquire jock itch. The infection is slightly contagious by mere contact with an infected person. Sharing of personal belongings with the person with jock itch should be avoided.

Going to the gym and exercising has its set of benefits but it can also cause annoying fungal infections. Going to the gym or working out may mean better muscle tone, having a six packs abs or just a more attractive physique but untold horrors are also present.

There is an inherent fungus residing in our system known as Trichophyton rubrum. It flourishes in hot, moist and dark places of our body and usually it can find its ideal place in the groin. Friction in that area makes it worse. People who work outdoors and sweat a lot are more susceptible to this affliction as stated by Michael Ramsey, M.D., clinical instructor of dermatology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston . Fortunately, one can totally get rid as well as prevent jock itch.

Home Remedies for jock itch

Home Remedies for jock itch are very simple easily available such as antibacterial soap which should be used to combat the condition. Keep the area groin dry. One can even use a blow dryer on the cool setting to dry your crotch area. One can also use the towel to dry as long as one is meticulous in the drying process.

The next step would be the application of anti-fungal creams such as miconazole and clotrimazole per instruction on the package. Minor cases of jock itch can be addressed by some procedures it is recommended that for serious cases; one should consult a medical practitioner. Other than the anti-fungal cream, one can also put on anti-fungal powder or use anti-fungal sprays. Tea tree oil and anti-dandruff shampoos are excellent home remedy for jock itch as well.

Garlic is a great jock itch home remedies including in you diet is also beneficial because of its anti –fungal effects. Honey and garlic alternately spread over the infected parts of the crotch area is also effective. The diet of a person has a big impact on the body thus; some foods may prevent some infections while some may worsen it. In the case of jock itch, refined carbohydrates and sugar should be avoided.

The presence of yeasts in a certain food should also deter a person from indulging himself or herself. Keep away from alcohols for it is converted into sugar in the body. Greasy, fried, and processed foods are also a no-no. It is recommended though that one should partake of plenty of fruits and vegetables especially the green and leafy ones. This is good jock itch treatment.

Other points to remember when using natural remedy for jock itch for a person afflicted with jock itch include keeping sure that the crotch area is dry thus necessitating regular changing of underwear. Avoid wearing tight clothing, which would not only hamper blood circulation but would also hinder air movements needed to keep the area dry. As much as possible wear clothes made of cloth for better air circulation. One cal also uses silica to keep an area dry. Scratching is not the answer to jock. Common sense and sensible habits can take care of the problem.