Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is more often heard, but it is just as common for individuals to have their blood pressure low. This medical condition is known as hypotension. “Hypo” means low and “tension” refers to the blood pressure. The blood pressure is below what the average numbers should be. This condition is cause by the weak pressure caused when the heart forces the blood through the arteries. The entire system is not working as it should and very unhealthy. Individuals with this medical condition often have symptoms of weakness. They may also experience dizziness and being lethargic. Lethargic refers to a feeling of being tired or without energy. Those with a chronic low blood pressure are the ones that have these symptoms the most. Those that have a blood pressure drop when they stand, have an even bigger drop in the arteries pumping ability. This drop may cause the individual to have fainting spells. Because of the lack of proper blood to the brain, muscles, heart, and vital organs may all slow down and result in fatigue.

Bad Nutrition Remedy

The one major thing that can be done by choosing home remedies for low blood pressure is in the way the diet is handled. Low blood pressure can result from a bad diet. The food eaten and the nutrition taken in are the determining factors in how the artery wall is formed. These nutrients strengthen it so it can pump with a better force and pressure. When the walls of the arteries are weak and thin, the pressure is also low. The oxygen is not being sent in the correct amount to the essential body organs. A malnourished individual is one who does not have the correct calories, vitamins, minerals, and proteins in their daily diet. Vitamins B and C are the most important to keep at a regular rate. Stress and emotional health can take a turn for the worst when low blood pressure is a condition. Light exercises each day will help not only the stress but to raise the blood pressure.

Easy Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure

The home remedies for low blood pressure are natural in nature. The first is the consumption of the beetroot in raw form. One cup of this juice, two times a day will give improvement to blood pressure within a time frame of seven days. Spikenard is one of the low blood pressure home remedies historically associated with the Indians. Fifteen to twenty grams mixed with boiling water (250 milliliters) is used three times per day. Bathing in Epsom salts is also a good remedy. Take the salts and add them to a regular bath. Stay in the tub for at least ten minutes but no longer than twenty minutes each time. This is done before the individual goes off to bed for the night, Make sure not to get cold or chilly after the bath as the heat is essential to helping this process. The cold will start to drop the pressure back down again.

Having a low blood pressure is usually caused by bad eating habits and malnutrition is best treated with lifestyle adjustments and dietary changes. Adding more foods with vitamin C and B and protein is a great start. These three ingredients will get the adrenal gland into high speed and cause the blood pressure to rise. It is also said that salt usage is bad for any individual but in this case can actually help the low blood pressure individual raise their numbers. Foods with a higher salt value can be eaten. This is only until the proper diet can take hold and raise the pressure naturally and regularly. The right natural remedy for low blood pressure consist of a diet high in fruit. Three meals a day should include a fruit. A fruit can be eaten every five hours to boost the pressure. This is one of the good diet for low blood pressure.