Home Remedies for Low Immunity

Low Immunity

The immune system essentially protects us from getting sick. It fights off most viruses, fungi and other disease causing bacteria. Most of the time the immune system identifies “attackers” keeps a record of them in case they strike the body again. The immune system counteracts and fights off any harmful element that may enter the body. The produce defenses depending on what they have counteracted upon on.

The immune system fights off any harmful element through lymphocytes and antibodies. Lymphocytes are white blood cells that come from marrows of bones. Antibodies on the other hand are complex molecules of blood protein. There are also other organs, which provide assistance to the immune system in protecting the body like the tonsil, spleen, and thymus gland, and bone marrow among others.

When you have a weakened immune system, it implies low immunity. Low immunity means you have weakened defenses against diseases. When you defenses weaken, chances are you are prone to getting sick specifically being more prone to severe illnesses.

Diagnosing Low Immunity

There are certain ways in which you could tell when a person has low immunity. They usually have chronic infections, recurrent flu and colds,  repeated herpes in genital, colds, and sore lymph glands. Having cancer is a manifestation of low immunity.

How does the immune system weaken?

Some circumstances could weaken the immune system. Some of these include medical procedures. Others would be through eating habits, emotional conditions and generally how the person lives. These instances could bring about certain problems to Immune system and in the long run weaken it. Some of these specific conditions could also weaken the immune system: nutrient deficiency, HIV or AIDS, inflammatory bowel disease etc.

Home remedies for Low immunity

Solutions for low immunity could vary depending on what had caused it. In general, a good diet could provide help in having low immunity. We take a look into some of the diet strategies that solve or ease low immunity.

As a home remedies for low immunity one could take mumio. Mumio is generally taken as a tablet. It could help strengthen the immune system by fighting off some illnesses. Mumio is made from nests of bees, honey, and beeswax.

You could also get some idea from the Chinese which is to take Astragalus Root. It is usually taken to fight viral infections. Astragalus Root, an excellent home remedy for low immunity also helps to produce interferon, an essential natural compound that battles off viruses.

Aswagandha on the other hand is a universal stimulant that could reduce stress and encourage health. Ginseng like Siberian type and eleuthero could be good natural remedy for low immunity. Asian Ginseng could not just ward off illnesses it could also help curing immunity related illnesses. The Echinacea herb which is available in tablet form could also help strengthen immune cells. The same benefit goes with drinking green tea.

Diet for Low Immunity

Generally, a strong immune system could be associated with a good diet. It is advised the one looks after his/her diet. He/she must not fail to examine the food items included in the diet. Among many food items: beans, nuts, fruits, whole grains, and vegetables are most preferable for a low immunity diet. The diet should also run little of fats as well as refined sugars. There should also be a significant amount of carotene. Cabbages and other related food items like broccoli, cauliflower, turnip and radish could help the immune system. This is one of the effective diet for low immunity.

The dies must also include food items that contain enough proteins. When enhancing the immune system, you could also take include flavonid rich berries, garlic, yoghurt and artichoke.

A healthy diet could really pay off in the long run. Having a strong immune system is our best defense against illnesses. The stronger our immune system the lesser chance that we get sick, the healthier and more productive life we could live. This is an effective low immunity treatment.