Home Remedies for Menstrual Problems

Ovaries produce estrogen and progesterone which are two major female organs. By the age of 12, ovaries generate a great amount of estrogen which helps in the growth and development of a girl’s body. The first period (menstruation) heralds the reproductive phase of a girl. The unusual problems that a woman experiences when she has her period are: menstrual tension, dysmenorrhea, stoppage of menstruation and excessive menstruation.

Symptoms of Menstrual Problems

Premenstrual Tension and Menstrual Cramps

Premenstrual Tension can start two weeks before your period and usually stops when your period starts. It commonly affects women who are at there early 20’s. Headaches, anxiety, bloated feeling, easily irritated these are just a few of the things that women feel when they are experiencing Premenstrual Tension. This maybe caused by hormonal imbalance or the changes in a woman’s reproductive cycle.


Usually women feel this during their period or 2 to 3 days before their period starts. In medical terms dysmenorrhea is called painful menstruation. This may also be caused by hormonal balance.

Amenorrhea or Stoppage of Menstrual Flow

It should be that a woman experiences this kind of condition when she is pregnant or already in the menopausal stage. But if a woman experiences in a different situation this may be caused when a woman experienced a serious illness, deformity of the womb, dislocation of the womb and weakness, some contributing factors to this condition are anxiety, worry, grief and other serious emotional disturbances.

Mennorhagia or Excessive Menstrual Flow

This kind of condition results to heavy and prolonged menstrual period at regular intervals. This may be caused by fibroids and also abnormal blood clotting.

Home Remedies for Menstrual Problems

Home remedies for Menstrual Problems through parsley

Parsley is a good menstrual problems treatment to help in the regularization of menstrual period and increase in menstruation. What makes parsley a good remedy is the presence of apiol, which is a component of the female sex hormone estrogens. It is recommended that a woman who is experiencing menstrual problems should drink 75ml of carrot juice, beet juice, parsley juice or cucumber juices or a combination of these juices. Pains felt during cramps are effectively relieved especially when these juices are regularly taken. This is an effective menstrual problems home remedies.

Home remedies for Menstrual Problems through ginger

Ginger is an effective remedy for dysmenorrheal and stoppage of menstruation. To serve a remedy using ginger, just take a piece of fresh ginger, pound it bring it to a boil and just add sugar to taste. Drink this three times a day after meals. This is good natural remedy for menstrual problems.

Home remedies for Menstrual Problems through Sesame seeds

Menstrual problems cure - In order to use sesame seeds for treating menstrual problems, just add half a teaspoon of powdered sesame seeds to a cup of hot water and drink two times a day. It effectively reduces spasmodic pain experienced by anemic girls. A warm hip bath and a handful of crushed sesame seeds would be a great combination to take in for this condition. Take this recipe before the day of menstruation to cure scanty menstruation.

Home remedies for Menstrual Problems through papaya

May be used for a sitting steam bath and by putting an entire Bengal gram plant in hot water can cure dysmenorrheal. This is the good home remedy for menstrual problems.

Marigold for treating Menstrual Problems

Menstrual problems remedy - It use in relieving pain during menstruation and in regulating the flow of menstruation. A combination of herbs should only be a teaspoon, taken two times a day.

Banana Flower for treating Menstrual Problems

Another effective home remedy for menstrual problems is if you are experiencing menorrhagia or excessive menstruation and having a hard time looking for a remedy, using banana flower is the best way to go. Because it reduces the flow of blood and increase the quantity of progesterone. Cook one banana flower with one cup of curd and eaten.

Coriander Seeds for treating Menstrual Problems

Coriander seeds can also cure excessive menstruation. To do this, you will need six grams of coriander seeds boiled in a half liter of water and taken off the fire when half of the water only remains. Add sugar candy and let the patient drink it while it is warm.

Mango bark for treating Menstrual Problems

The juice of the mango bark is given with an egg white, mucilage (vegetable glue) and a small amount of kernel of a poppy. Or if you are not sure of how to mix this ingredients, just obtain 10ml of the juice of the mango bark then add 120ml of water and taken a teaspoon every hour or two. This is also used to remedy excessive menstruation. This is the good diet for menstrual problems.

Ashoka for treating menstrual problems

Another effective natural remedy for menstrual problems and excessive menstruation is the use of the bark of Ashoka tree. Obtain 90 gm of the cark of Ashoka tree boil it in 30ml of milk and 260ml of water until it the quantity is decreased to 90 gm. This remedy should be served in this kind of mixture. It should be given a day, in two to three doses. The treatment should start from the fourth day of the menstrual period and continued until the bleeding is reduced. Each mixture should be served freshly each day.

Indian Barbery for treating menstrual problems

This should be given in the amounts of thirteen to twenty-five grams daily. It is an effective remedy for excessive menstruation.

Rough Chaff for treating menstrual problems

By steeping 15 gram of rough chaff in 250 ml of water, the infusion on this herb can effectively remedy excessive menstruation. This is one of the useful home remedies for menstrual problems.

Hermal for treating menstrual problems

When you have an irregular menstruation, Hermal is an herb that you can use to treat this condition. To do so, boil two tablespoons of the seeds in half a liter of water, until in is decreased by one-third. It should be given in 15-30ml doses. This is also used to reduce the pain felt during painful and difficult menstruation.

Hemp for treating menstrual problems

Menstrual problems treatment - Boil five large heads of hemp in a liter of water until it is decreased to half a liter, strain and drink before going to bed, do this for two to three nights. It is used when menstrual period does not start on the expected date and it seldom fails.