Home Remedies of Migraine

The usual effect of a migraine is a severe headache, it is a convulsive ailment. Migraine headaches occur when a person feels too much tension and stress and often related with problems of digestion, the liver, and sight. The headache is usually felt on the one part of the head. People who are affected by this ailment are those who are smart, rigid and disciplined. This happens due to tired and tensioned muscles in the neck and head and also because of prolonged feeling of stress. If a person suddenly relaxes, it tightens the muscles and will enlarge and stretch the blood vessel walls and the blood that is pumped with every heart beat pushes the vessels, which cause enormous pain. It also causes the blood flow to drop because of the compressed arteries.

Symptoms of Migraine headache

Feeling pain on one area of the head

The pain usually starts behind the eye and strong on the right side at one time and it also felt on the left side at other times. This is the usual pattern for Migraine headaches.

Loss of appetite, depression and irritability felt in a short period

Usually, people who are experiencing Migraine headaches experience depression although this might not be true for some. People also become irritated easily and losses his appetite when experiencing Migraine headaches. A migraine attack is unpredictable because it depends on the situation or emotional state you are in. Some people might experience Migraine headaches every day, for some it may occur every other week or month and for some it may occur over a year.

Vomiting, throbbing pain and nausea.

The painful symptoms of Migraine headaches are throbbing pain, nausea and worst vomiting. You can feel the blood pulsating on the side that is affected.

Lack of sensation or weakness in a leg, an arm or one side of the face.

Some person experiences numbness in one part of their face and they might also feel pain in one eye. For some, they might feel numb in one arm or leg. In worst cases, the whole face is numbed and the tongue which results to slurry speech. Migraine headaches may also result to digestive problems like irregular bowel movements.

Ordinary migraine (without aura) symptoms

Here are some signs of common migraine: easily irritated, stiff neck, yawning and some other signs are perplexed thinking, weakness and loss of focus.

Classical Migraine with aura symptoms

When talking about Classical migraine it is related to an image of a C shaped aura. This aura is accompanied by flashing lights, the center as gray or blind and colored lights at the end of C. It starts as a tiny dot and becomes larger in about 30 minutes. Classical migraine may also have all the signs of migraine without aura.

Home and Herbal Remedies for Migraine

Home remedies for Migraine from grapes

To use grapes as remedy, grind fresh grapes and drink without adding water. This can effectively relieve pain felt caused by migraine. This is one of the efficient home remedies for migraine.

Herbal remedies for Migraine from Niacin

Migraine treatment - You can usually obtain niacin from whole wheat, nuts, yeast, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, sunflower seeds, liver, fish etc. Take 100 mg of niacin tablets when experiencing migraine. It is prove that niacin helps relieve migraine pain.

Home remedies for Migraine from cabbage leaves

Another effective home remedy for migraine and easy way to cure for migraine is the use of cabbage leaf. To use this for treatment, pound a few cabbage leaves, place it in a piece of cloth and place it on the forehead for a prolonged period of time, when compressed fresh leaves dry out use fresh leaves.

Home remedies for Migraine from lemon crust

To use lemon crust as treatment of migraine, crush lemon crust and use as a paste on the forehead. Many have proven that this treatment cures migraine effectively.

Natural Migraine headache treatment using vegetable juices

Combine carrot juice, beet, and spinach and cucumber juices all together to treat migraine.

Below are 2 mixtures that you can use for migraine therapy:

  1. Obtain 200 ml of spinach juice and mix with 300 ml of carrot juice.
  2. Obtain 100 ml of beet juice and 100 ml of cucumber juice and mix with 300 ml of carrot juice.

This is one of the useful natural remedy for migraine.