Home Remedies for Palpitation

Palpitation is described as an irregular and forceful heart beat. It is a common problem today due to stress, incorrect diet, and sometimes unhealthy lifestyle. If you experience palpitation, the first thing that would cross your mind is that your heart is not in good condition. It is a disturbing condition but is not usually serious.

Symptoms of palpitation

Palpitation’s symptom usually involves an increase in pulse rate and a thumping feeling in your chest.

The main symptom of palpitation is the thumping feeling in your chest. It usually brings discomfort in your chest area. If you check your pulse rate, you will notice that it increases compared to your normal pulse rate.

What causes palpitation?

Hear palpitation is usually caused by many reasons. There are times that you experience palpitation when you nervous. Palpitations also occur when your heart increases its work load, probably caused by stress, anxiety, and sometimes physical work load. However, t here some people will experience palpitation by just mere lying on their left side.

Anxiety can cause palpitation

Studies also show that palpitation could occur because of an underlying heart disease. It is one of the symptoms of having a heart disease. However, in most cases palpitation is associated with anxiety and there is no direct relation with any heart disease. Some people experience palpitation because of flatulence, excessive smoking, constipation, and even when stomach is overfull. Excessive smoking can cause palpitation because of the caffeine that could trigger the heart to pump faster. So, if you are experiencing palpitation when smoking, it is suggested to lessen your number of stick per day.

Home Remedies for Palpitation

Home Remedies for Palpitation using Guava

Guava can help relieve heart palpitation. Try eating a ripe guava everyday on an empty stomach. It is also a very good remedy for anemia. It also has a calming effect if you are experiencing nervousness.

Natural Remedy for Palpitation using Grapes

Grapes are well known as a number one home remedy for palpitation. If you experience palpitation, you can try drinking grape juice often. This will relieve your palpitation.

Palpitation cure using honey

Honey has been proven to be a universal medicine on all kinds of diseases. Heart palpitation can be relieved by taking honey. Prepare a mixture of 1tbs. of honey, glass of water with half cup of lemon juice for you go to sleep.

Palpitation treatment using Snake Gourd Leaves

Snake gourd leaves have many beneficial effects. It can also relieve heart palpitation. Prepare a mixture using your food processor. Once the leaves of snake gourd become pasty, get cheesecloth and squeeze the juice of the pasty leaves from it. Try to take at least 1 to 2 tbs. three times a day.

Home remedy for Palpitation using Indian Spikenard

Indian spikenard is known in India to treat heart palpitation. It has the ability to stimulate the heart’s action. Mixture should be 3 grams of Indian spikenard with a pinch of cinnamon and camphor. Take at least 60ml of the mixture, three times daily.

Home remedy for Palpitation using coriander and aniseed

Dry coriander, jaggery, and aniseed can help treat palpitation. So, check out your kitchen cabinets if you have these three mixtures. If you do, just prepare equal amount of jaggery, aniseed, and dry coriander. Use your food processor to attain the powdery texture. All you need is to take at least 6 grams of this powdered after each meal.

Diet for Palpitation

If you are experiencing palpitations, you are required to maintain a healthy diet. You need to eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

Foods that you need to avoid

If you have heart palpitation, you need to make sure that you avoid caffeinated beverages such as soft drinks, alcohol, coffee and tea. If you are a smoker, better limit your stick per day or totally stop smoking.

You also need to check your lifestyle. Make sure you exercise and try some relaxing activities if you are stress in your work. Try swimming, cycling and other outdoor sports as your means of exercise.