Home Remedies for Piles (Hemorrhoids)

Piles or hemorrhoids are inflammations of the rectal area which can occur due to varicosity of the veins near the area. Due to piles, there is pain and difficulty in passing stools. In fact, the piles get aggravated each time the person defecates, due to pressure on the rectal area.

Hemorrhoids can be dry or they can be bleeding. If the dry piles remain for a prolonged time, they may start bleeding, and this extremely painful condition is called as bleeding piles.

Causes of Piles. The following are some of the most obvious of them -

(i) A prolonged period of constipation is one of the most important causes of hemorrhoids. This happens because constipation can exert tremendous pressure on the veins of the rectal area over time, making them varicose.

(ii) Spending a lot of time on the commode trying to defecate can also be a causative factor for piles.

(iii) Obesity increases the risk of piles, especially if the fat accumulation is more in the lower abdominal area.

(iv) Sometimes, a prolonged condition of cough or sneezing can also cause pressure on the rectal area and cause piles to occur.

(v) Piles can also occur during pregnancy, due to the pressure caused in the lower abdominal area. However, the piles that occur during pregnancy normally get healed by themselves after the childbirth.

Piles development occurs in three stages as follows:-

(i) The hemorrhoids are apparent outside the body, especially when trying to pass stools. They go back inside the body when the person gets up.

(ii) When the piles have become a little prolonged, then they do not go inside the rectum automatically, but will go in, after they are depressed.

(iii) In the third stage, the piles do not go in the body even if they are pressed inwards. After this stage, the piles can convert into bleeding piles.

Home Remedies for Piles or hemorrhoids

Once you have piles, it is definitely a very painful condition to live with. However, tradition has developed several remedies that can be done at the household level to keep piles in check. The following are some of the good home remedies that help in the condition of piles.

Add some black mustard in a bowlful of yogurt. It is better if you grind the mustard to a powder beforehand. Then blend this mixture thoroughly. Eat this yogurt by chewing the mustard in it very carefully. Drink a glassful of buttermilk after this. This is a good remedy to treat the piles in a very short time. This is one of the best home remedies for piles or hemorrhoids.

Take the peels of a pomegranate, put them in a vessel of water and bring the water to a boil. Drink a glassful of this water once in the morning and once in the evening. This remedy also helps in removing the piles quickly.

Prepare some buttermilk from cow's milk. In this add some peppercorns, ginger and rock salt. Drink this twice a day. This reduces the pains of the piles and helps in treating them on an urgent basis.

Another good home remedy for piles or hemorrhoids is to take 10 grams of black mustard and grind them to a very thin powder. Then put this powder in 150 milliliters of goat's milk. Then add 5 grams of sugar in it. Mix them thoroughly and drink it early in the morning. This is a good remedy for bleeding piles.

Take one piece of turmeric and grind it to powder. This is one of the effective natural remedy for piles.

Take some yogurt in a bowl. Add to this some flowers of the tamarind plant and a portion of pomegranate juice. Blend this thoroughly. Then add coriander and ginger pastes to the blended yogurt. Eat this in the afternoon with lunch. This pacifies the pains of the hemorrhoids.

Take some slices of yam and dry them. Grind this into a powder. Then take 160 grams of this powder and add white leadwort (Plumbago zeylanica, chitraka) into it in the measure of 80 grams. Then add 10 grams of black pepper and 500 grams of jaggery. Add these thoroughly and make pellets of them about the size of cherries. Eat one of these pellets in the morning and one in the evening. This is an effective remedy for destroying the piles. This is one of the good piles cure.

The following is a very good remedy for the treatment of piles, especially if the piles are bleeding piles. Take a quarter liter of goat's milk. Keep it for curdling overnight. In the morning, add an equal quantity of carrot juice to it. Blend them together and drink it. You can also have freshly prepared goat's milk yogurt with some freshly chopped carrots. This is a very effective remedy for the treatment of bleeding piles. This is one of the best home remedies for piles or hemorrhoids.

Take some white radish. Grate it and extract its juice. Mix this juice with a little honey. Apply this mixture directly on the affected parts. This will provide relief to the piles and will help in the treatment.

This is a similar hemorrhoids remedy to the above one. Grate a radish and extract its juice. Then mix a little milk into this juice. Apply this mixture on the affected parts. This application with provide relief to the pains of the hemorrhoids.

Piles treatment - If the pain of the piles is excruciating, then a short term remedy is to apply some coconut oil on the affected parts. It brings a soothing effect to the piles in a very short time, but it cannot treat the piles permanently.

Take some ripe mangoes and extract their seeds. Dry these seeds in the shade. When they are completely dried, grind them into a fine powder. Store this powder in glass bottles. Whenever there is a piles problem, take about two grams of this powder with honey twice a day.

Hemorrhoids treatment - Take about half a teaspoonful of ginger juice, half a teaspoonful of lime juice, half a teaspoonful of mint leaves juice and one tablespoonful of honey. Take this mixture of juices once in a day. It will help in treatment of piles.

Roast some black cumin seeds in an open pan. Take about one tablespoonful of this powder. Then take another tablespoonful of cumin seeds that are not roasted. Mix them thoroughly. Then take half a tablespoonful of this powder and put it in a glass of cold water. Drink this water once every day. This brings immense relief to the piles. One of the useful home remedy for piles or hemorrhoids.

Mash a ripe banana in one cupful of milk. Have this mashed mixture three to four times a day. It works wonders in stopping the painful symptoms of the piles, but it is not a fast-working remedy. This is a good diet for hemorrhoids.

Turnip can be used to make a good natural remedy for piles. Extract the juice of a turnip and take about 150 milliliters of the juice. This juice must be drunk directly, with an accompaniment of other vegetables like spinach, watercress or carrots. The juice of turnip should not be taken alone.

Figs can also work greatly in solving the problem of painful piles. Take about two or three figs and keep them soaked in water. Let them get completely soaked for about eight to twelve hours. Make a routine of eating these figs twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening. They will gradually solve the piles complaints. This is one of the effective diet for hemorrhoids.

If you want a fast-working remedy and don’t mind a little pungent taste, then onion is a good remedy. Take one small onion and add about three tablespoonfuls of sugar to it. The onion should be raw for better effects. This onion with sugar is meant to be eaten twice everyday. This method works especially in case of bleeding piles, but it can be effective for dry piles also.

Piles remedy - People with piles must not eat heavy and spicy foods which are bad for the system. Instead, they can have a thick gruel of rice in buttermilk, to which a mashed ripe banana has been added. This is a nutritious and relaxing remedy for those with piles.

Take about twenty grams of sesame seeds and put them in half a liter of water. Then boil this water till it is reduced to about one-third of its quantity. When done, cool it, and then mash the sesame seeds till they become soft. Then add a tablespoonful of butter to the mashed sesame seeds and eat. This remedy is also very effective for bleeding piles. This is one of the useful home remedy for piles or hemorrhoids.

How to treat Piles (Hemorrhoids)

Dietary considerations are very important in people who are looking at getting their piles problems treated. Keep these dietary precautions in mind:-

(i) Do not eat any constipating foods in case of piles. This will cause undue pressure on the rectum while defecating and will make the piles worse. The foods to be avoided are meats, udad daals, pickles, fried foods, spicy foods and foods that have sour taste.

(ii) It is very important to purify the entire digestive system before any treatment method for the piles will work. Piles patients must advisably fast for one whole day and then go on a total fruit diet. Jackfruits must be avoided, but all other fruits can be eaten. This fruit diet must be continued for seven days. Fruits are easy to digest and hence there won't be any problems on the rectal area when passing stools.

(iii) A person with piles must make a regimen of foods such as chappaties made of wheat flour, moong daal with the hull intact, ripe red tomatoes, gourd and leafy vegetables, coriander, milk and buttermilk.

(iv) However, foods like asafetida, mustard, eggplant, bitter melon, jaggery, red chili peppers, mustard oil and salt etc. must be strictly avoided. These can aggravate the condition of piles.

(v) Exercise is also very important. Special exercises must be performed daily in order to improve the circulation in the abdominal area so that the conditions of piles can be avoided.

Piles can be avoided through the following measures:-

(i) Avoid foods that are constipating.

(ii) Do not sit on hard surfaces for a long time.

(iii) Try not to cough or sneeze too much while standing.

(iv) Perform regular abdominal exercises.