Home Remedies for Prostate Disorders

Prostate disorders affect men of all ages especially those in their later years of life. The prostate shows signs of aging and begins to swell causing pain, problems with urination, and sexual problems also. The main issue with prostate disorders is the risk of infection and also cancer. The prostate is located at the bottom of the bladder and swells to block of urine output. It can make a man feel as though he has to urinate but nothing happens or the inflicted get up at all times of the day and night to go to the bathroom. There is also a burning sensation when urination happens. There is such a hesitation in going because the individual knows the pain that is coming. Because of the issues in urination, there is a great chance of contracting a kidney or bladder infection.

Symptoms of Prostate Disorder

Symptoms can include severe problems in getting the urine to pass. There is a pain that is common in the hip, leg, foot, and lower back area. The disorder is brought on by those who sit for long periods of time. This might be for driving or for working in an office. Constipation can also irritate the prostate into acting up. For an individual to be in the cold for a long time, such as construction, the prostate does not do well. Men who are sexually active in excess or who are promiscuous and are not practicing safe sex can also have prostate disorders.

Stress plays a big factor in the progression of the infliction. Trying to stay calm is a big relief to the severity of the prostate. Along with the conventional medicine, there are home remedies for prostate disorders available.

Home Remedies for Prostate Disorder

Pumpkin seeds are the first item on the list for home remedy for prostate disorders. The fatty acids contained in the seeds produce a fatty acid the prostate uses for optimum health. When trouble occurs, the proper dose of seeds is between sixty and ninety grams daily. Powdered pumpkin can also be used as one of the home remedies for prostate disorders. Adding zinc to the diet in thirty milligram doses daily will also benefit. Vitamin E oil is an essential item for the healthy prostate. Whole grains, green leaf vegetables, seeds that sprout, and milk are high in the vitamin E. This is one of the best prostate disorders cure.

Spinach juice and carrot juice also fall in the category of green leaf vegetables and can be used in the list of natural remedy for prostate disorders. Stay away from any food that contains caffeine. This means no coffee or chocolate. Goldenseal has antibiotic qualities that go directly tot he prostate in a natural way. The Goldenseal will provide healing to the urinary tract. Finally, sexual activity will help to reduce the amount of seminal fluid in the prostate sack and relieve the swelling. This, in turn, helps the man to urinate better. Alcohol should be avoided also as it tightens the neck of the bladder and makes an individual go to the bathroom more.

Another effective prostate disorders treatment is a healthy prostate begins with regular trips to the doctor to have it checked. Checkups on the prostate are as important to a man as a breast exam is to an older woman. Once a male reaches the age of 45, the prostate exam needs to be a regular yearly occurrence. This will catch prostate cancer early so it can be treated properly. For other, less severe issues, the early detection can bring about early treatment to prevent long bouts of suffering with urinary pain and infections.
There is also a prostate massage that can be done by a nurse or physician. They will inert a finger into the rectum and massage the prostate for up to twenty minutes. This may be uncomfortable and even embarrassing but in the long run might just be a useful procedure in keeping the man's prostate healthy. This is one of the good prostate disorders remedy.