Home Remedies for Snoring

Snoring i s the vibration of respiratory structures and the resulting sound, due to obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping. The structures which are affected are usually the uvula and soft palate. Because of blockage, there is an improper flow of air, which causes the person to snore . The throat or pharynx is a muscular tube that relaxes when you sleep, thereby decreasing in size. In some people, the narrowing is enough to cause vibration of soft tissues in the pharynx, and this produces the noise of snoring. You can say that snoring is simply a loud sound that one makes during breathing while asleep. Snoring is noisy breathing through the mouth or nose during sleep.

Though many people snore, their snoring is not alike. Just like how different people have different voices, they snore in different ways too. The sound produced may be soft or loud and some times even unpleasant. Everyone snores occasionally. Mostly people snore when their nasal passages are congested.

Snoring is not typical of certain people; everyone snores to some level or the other. Or, at least everyone makes a breathing noise while sleeping. Even babies snore very mildly, which you can hear if you take your ear near their nasal passages when they are asleep.

Snoring is a natural impulse, and happens without any voluntary control. Generally, it is a harmless situation apart from the discomforting noise it causes to the other sleeping partner. But in some very rare conditions, serious complications can occur.

The condition can be counted as troublesome if any of the following complications occur:-

(i) One stops breathing during sleep and have to wake up to catch breath,

(ii) It is observed that you are disturbing your sleep partner, or

(iii) It is found that one is losing sleep because of your snoring.

It is said that the chances of snoring is more in men as compared to women, in fact men have double the chances of it. Usually snoring causes sleep loss for both the snorer and their sleep partner. The sleep partner has trouble sleeping deeply because of the snoring noise, and also out of anxiety about their partner’s health and well-being. This sleep deprivation results in number of its ill-effects during day time such as sleepiness in the office time, irritability, and lack of interest in daily activities, lower thinking, low energy, negative mood. It can also lead you to poor mental and emotional health.

In addition to problems stemming from sleep deprivation, snoring can cause more serious health problems. Snoring has been linked to increased risk of stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease premature death due to lack of oxygen in the brain cells. It can also be one of the factors that may cause you sleep apnea.

Home Remedies for Snoring

Though snoring is a natural process that cannot be actually healed, there are some ways in which the situation can be brought under some kind of control. The following are some effective home remedies that can be used to control excessive snoring.

It is said that most of the snorers have a tendency to sleep on their back. This leads the tongue to fall back on your throat. So change the way you sleep instead of sleeping on your back, sleep sideways or preferably on your stomach. This is really useful and reduces snoring effects.

Take care and be careful on which mattress are you sleeping. Always sleep on a firm mattress. A firm and flat mattress is said to support the neck and this prevents the obstructions in your airway. This prevents snoring. This is one of the effective natural remedy for snoring.

Position of body is found to be one of the crucial factors for it. Elevating the position of bed in this case works .you can use some wood or bricks under your head board region. This will raise the front of the bed and also in turn raises the body portion.

To avoid sleeping on the side, use this treatment. Wear an old pajama or trouser; make sure it has long pockets. Now in these pockets place some tennis balls before sleeping. When you roll on your back these balls will cause discomfort you and will not allow you to sleep on your back. This will cause you to move in other position. This is an effective snoring remedy.

Use some extra pillows that is to say it will raise your head and help you to change sleeping angles. Suppose if you use only one pillow on regular basis than try two and if you use two than try three. This is one of the useful home remedies for snoring.

Snoring treatment - In some cases people are uncomfortable with the use of extra pillows. Such can make themselves comfortable by sleeping without any pillows. Because sometimes the pillow will raise the neck level and the problem cannot be solved.

Natural remedy for snoring - Exercise regularly. It has been observed that people who are fit and healthy snore less in their sleep. Perform some light and simple exercises or even some easy aerobics steps each day. But, do not perform exercise before going to bed as this may charge the body and you may not be able to get sleep. Exercise will improve cardio vascular health and also improves breathing and lung capacity. This can reduce the effects of snoring.

In certain cases it is seen that people snore because they smoke. If this is the case, then smoking must be effectively tried to be reduced or even completely eliminated. By doing so, the person will give up snoring in a few days. Smoking causes some tissues of the respiratory system to get congested and this causes snoring.

Natural remedy for snoring - Excess weight is also one of the significant contributing factors for snoring. Losing weight is the appropriate remedy as this will reduce the fatty tissue in your airway. Eating healthy food and controlling the intake of fatty substance will improve the facility to breathe and this will prevent you from snoring.

If you can exercise your throat in some way before going to bed, chances are that you will snore less in your sleep. You can try talking to someone before bedtime; this will reduce your snores. Or, you can even try singing. Funny, but it works. Try singing some simple snatches of a song for a couple of minutes just before you are about to pop off to sleep. Your singing might just stop you from snoring. This is one of the effective snoring treatment.

Take 2-3 sips of olive oil before bed. This will reduce snoring. It will take some time to completely eliminate your snoring sessions, but it will at least lower the noise and make it more comfortable for your partner to sleep. This is one of the best home remedies for snoring.

Follow a regular sleep chart. Make your sleep chart in such a way that you sleep at fixed hours and get up at fixed times Stick to this pattern. Be sure to keep a healthy and regular regime for sleeping in this timetable of yours. You will find that keeping a good timetable for sleeping will reduce your snoring problems drastically. This is one of the effective snoring cure.

In some ladies, pregnancy leads to snoring. During pregnancy there are chances of increasing weight and this can cause snoring. Such ladies must exercise to maintain healthy weight and consult doctors time to time. However, care must be taken to exercise within the limits keeping the condition of pregnancy in consideration.

Home remedy for snoring - Get your allergies treated as it may interfere with your respiratory tract and can cause snoring. Be away from allergens that aggravate you.

Keep your bedroom absolutely clean. In most cases, it has been found that dirty and unhygienic conditions lead to a fitful sleep, which can be punctuated by snoring. On the contrary, sleeping in hygienic condition will cause a peaceful sleep which will not be marred by snoring.

Place some bunch of sage in boiled water. Allow it to cool. Before going to bed strain this and gargle using this liquid. After a few nights of this treatment just before going to bed, you will find that the snoring has got reduced. This is one of the important home remedy for snoring.

If you snore a lot, then try to bring about some control in your food. Avoid eating heavy meals, especially at dinnertime. Try to avoid oils and fats completely. Do not also consume foods that are too spicy. Go moderate on your diet, and eat lots of fiber that will help in your digestion. If you follow these simple food principles, then chances are you will be totally and effectively cured of your snoring habit within a short period of time. This is one of the useful home remedy for snoring.

How to get rid of snoring

Snoring is aggravated by some factors. By eliminating them from your lifestyle, you can control your snoring. The following are some areas you can develop in order to reduce snoring:-

(i) If you are over weight than start losing excess fats slowly. Obesity is a leading cause of snoring.

(ii) Avoid smoking as it increases the chance of snoring.

(iii) Do not sleep on your back instead sleep on your side.

(iv) Do not indulge yourself in excess drinking (alcohol) as it is one of the factors of increasing weight. Specially do not drink before sleeping.

(v) Try the usage of some nasal decongestant as this will help you clear your nasal passage and will not cause snoring.

(vi) Avoid excess intake of dairy and fatty products especially before going to bed see to it that you have minimum three hours gap if you intake such foodstuffs.

(vii) Avoid sedatives and tranquilizers.

(viii) Do not take sleeping pills or anti histamines tablets.

In addition to the above self-help tips to treat your snoring, you can try various products that have been developed to prevent snoring, such as nasal strips, sprays, dilators, special pillows, essential oils and homeopathic products. However you may use all these products with great care and under proper guidance. Some of these methods may not be suitable to certain people’s nature. However, some of them may help you in treating your snoring problems.