Home Remedies for Sprains and Injuries

Sprains and injuries are a normal part of our daily life. Try as we might, we cannot avoid them. However, care must be taken as some of these can become quite complicated if neglected. Infections could occur and the wounds can become septic. Hence, immediate treatment is needed.

Parents especially must pay attention to the bodies of their children since children are always fearful of reporting injuries to their parents. It is also children who get the most injuries, since they lead an active playful life.

Home Remedies for Sprains and Injuries

Sprains and injuries can be treated with simple home remedies. The following is a list of some of the best remedies known to traditional medicine.

Home Remedies for Sprains

Massage the area where the sprain has occurred with some mustard oil. Then sprinkle some turmeric powder on that area. After that keep the area covered with a small cloth. Then make a small cloth bundle with some salt in it and heat it on an open pan. Then apply this cloth bundle on the towel. This fomentation will certainly heal the sprain in a few minutes. This is one of the useful home remedies for sprains.

Take some leaves of the cassia and rub it onto the sprain. Rub it till the juice of the leaves oozes out and smear it very nicely onto the sprained area. This will prevent the formation of a swelling in the area after the sprain has been healed. This is one of the effective natural remedy for sprains.

Prepare a poultice of the castor leaves and apply it externally on the swelling that has been caused due to the sprain. It will heal the sprain fast, and will also remove the swelling effectively. If applied in advance, it will actually prevent the swelling from occurring.

Sprains treatment - Take some dill leaves and boil them in the sesame oil. This becomes a very good liniment to apply on the sprains and the swellings that are caused because of that.

Make a poultice of the leaves of the fenugreek herb. Apply this on the sprained area with slightly massaging action. Within a few minutes, you will be back in business. This is one of the best home remedy for sprains.

Home Remedies for Injuries

If there is a wound caused due to some injury, take some 20 to 25 leaves of the neem tree and then grind them together. After that, strain these leaves through a cloth and obtain the juice from them by squeezing the cloth tightly. Then add a pinch of turmeric in this juice. After that, soak a small piece of cotton in this juice and keep the juice for heating on the stove.

The best remedy to stop any wound from bleeding is to crush some alum and apply on the affected area. Even barbers in saloons use a slab of alum to rub on the face after shaving to close up any accidental nicks and injuries. This is one of the effective injuries treatment.

Take some green neem leaves and make a poultice of them by crushing them. Then apply this poultice on the wound and keep it in place with a cloth bandage. This will stop the pains of the wounds and will help it to get healed fast. One of the useful home remedies for injuries.

Crush an onion in ghee and make a poultice of it. Then apply this poultice on the affected area, and hold it in place with a cloth bandage. This is a very good remedy to help the wound get healed faster.

If your finger gets cut, then the best way to stop the bleeding is to soak a small piece of cloth in kerosene and tie the area with it. Then sprinkle some more kerosene on the cloth. This will stop the bleeding immediately and the wound will also heal faster. This is one of the useful injuries remedy.

One more easy way to heal injury wounds is to take some basil leaves, make a poultice of them and then tie them with a piece of cloth on the affected area. This is one of the useful home remedy for injuries.

Another effective injuries cure - Betel leaves are very efficient in the treatment of wounds, and they have been used since age-old times for the purpose, even when medical science itself was not discovered. Take the juice of a few freshly plucked betel leaves and apply them on the wound. Then take a clean leaf of the betel plant again, wrap it around the finger and hold it in place with a cloth bandage. You need to do this only once. The wound will heal itself completely within two days.

Bamboo is exceptional in healing wounds, and it has the capacity to heal even the wounds that have become maggot-infested. A poultice of the tender shoots of the bamboo is freshly prepared and is applied on the affected area for this purpose. The following are some very good remedies using the bamboo plant to treat severely infected wounds:-

(i) Take the juice of 35 grams of the fresh leaves of the bamboo. Drink this juice twice every day. It will accelerate the healing process and will prevent any further infection.

(ii) Take 70 grams of the bamboo leaves and make a decoction of these in two liters of water. Boil the bamboo leaves in the water till the volume of the water reduces to half its original volume. Then drink this decoction once every day till the wound heals.

(iii) Take 120 milliliters of the juice of the bamboo shoots (choose the tender shoots), and drink it twice everyday. This should be continued till the wound heals completely, which could be three to four days. This is an effective home remedy for injuries.

The latex (sap) obtained from the trunk of the banyan tree can be applied on wounds. This helps the wounds to get healed fast, and they will leave no scar behind.

The leaves of the cassia tree are beneficial in the treatment of injuries and wounds. Rub the leaves of the tree so that the juice oozes out. Then apply this juice onto the wound. This will help the wound to heal faster without leaving a scar behind.

Take some powder of the fruit of the chebulic myrobalan (Terminalia chebula) and mix it with some animal based oil. Apply this on the wound to make it heal faster.

Make a poultice of curry leaves and then apply it directly over the wound. Keep it in place with the help of a cloth bandage. This will make the wound heal very fast, and will not leave any scar behind after the recovery.

Garlic has excellent antiseptic properties which help in the treatment of wounds. Extract some garlic juice (about five teaspoonfuls) and then dissolve it in three parts of distilled water (about fifteen teaspoonfuls). Take a clean cotton wad and apply this lotion very carefully on the wound. This might burn a little, but that indicates the wound is already getting better. After this treatment, the chances of an infection are zero, and there is no need even to keep the wound covered with a bandage. Within one or two days, the wound will heal without a scar. This is one of the good home remedies for injuries.

If your wound has become suppurated (developed pus), then soak a cloth in a 15% by volume of garlic juice in water and bandage the wound with it. Change it after two hours. Within one day, the pus will drain away and the healing process will be almost complete.

Sometimes, a grave wound can cause a fever due to infection. This is observed mostly in children. In such cases, you can use the Indian pennywort (Centella asiatica) herb to get the wound healed as well as to get the fever subsided. Dry some leaves of the herb in the hot sun. Then crush these leaves to a fine powder. Sprinkle this powder directly onto the injury. After this, take some fresh leaves of the same herb and then grind them to extract their juice. Give this juice to the child in the form of drops. About one to five drops must be given each time, thrice in a day.

Another good home remedy for injuries is to mix some licorice powder in butter or ghee and honey. Apply this locally on the cut or the wound. This will definitely produce very good results in healing the wounds.

A very traditional injuries home remedies is to smear the paste of the neem tree (Azxadirachtha indica) on the wound. Neem has tremendous antiseptic properties. Due to this, the wound gets healed much faster and any possibility of infection is avoided.

You can prepare a household ointment with the neem in the following manner: Mix exactly fifty grams of the leaves of the neem tree in fifty grams of ghee. Mash the neem leaves thoroughly in the ghee, so that you get a uniform pasty consistency. This is your ointment which you can apply on any minor wound. The treatment will be definite and obtained on a very fast basis.

You can make a tablet at home that can be taken orally for helping in healing wounds. This tablet is prepared in the following manner: Take about five leaves of the banyan tree and grind them to a fine paste. Then add 25 grams of jaggery to the paste. You can make about eight pills with this paste. Take one of these pills each day with milk. This will certainly help in the treatment of wounds, however serious they may be.

Natural remedy for injuries - The wounds and injuries got from handling sharp instruments such as knives and forks can be easily treated using the rough chaff. Squeeze a few leaves of the rough chaff so that its juice falls directly into the wound. Then wrap the wound with another of its leaves and bandage it with a clean cloth. This remedy will heal the wound within a single day, and with a single application.

The trailing eclipta herb (Eclipta alba) is made into a paste by mixing it in some sesame oil and applied on the injury. This helps in fast treatment from the injury because of its astringent and antiseptic property. This is an effective injuries cure.

As soon as you get a wound, apply some paste of turmeric in water onto the injury. This you must do quickly after cleaning the wound as much as possible. Turmeric cools the wound and reduces the pain. But the most important thing is that turmeric is an antiseptic and it helps in preventing any infection.

The following injuries remedy works in case you have profuse bleeding from an injury. Take a teaspoonful of the juice of ash gourd and add to it an equal amount of juice of either the Indian gooseberry or a fresh lemon. Drink this juice. This will help the blood to clot faster.

Make a compress of the bayberry leaves and apply it on the wounds. You can also sprinkle some powder of its bark in case the wound has become putrid. This remedy prevents infection more than anything else. This is one of the useful natural remedy for injuries.

Bloodwort (Achillea millefolium) has a good amount of tannins in it. These help wounds to clot faster. Hence, the juice of a couple of leaves of the bloodwort must be consumed when there is a wound. This will certainly help the wound to get better faster.