Home Remedies for Tinnitus

Tinnitus represents the sound produced in one ear or at times in both the ears. A buzzing sound is heard and this sound may be incessant or it may frequently come and disappear. People suffering with tinnitus experience an extensive range of noise inside the ears. Tinnituses are of two types, objective and subjective tinnitus. People suffering with objective tinnitus, will hear a buzzing sound. Besides this, people around him can also hear the sound coming from his ears.

But, subjective tinnitus patients will experience a buzzing sound all alone. This is more commonly experienced than objective patients. Patients may be unable to sleep in extreme tinnitus cases. Not only the sleep, but also concentration is lost gradually. The symptoms of tinnitus are hissing or buzzing sound inside the ears and these sounds go with the patient’s heartbeat. In cases where patients suffer from Meniere disease in association to tinnitus, it may result in giddiness and hearing loss.

Causes of Tinnitus

The cause for hearing a buzzing sound from the inner ear is when some damage takes place towards the microscopic endings. This is the only cause of tinnitus. However, sometimes due to age the hearing nerve gets affected. So people who are frequently exposed to loud hearing get affected by tinnitus. Any wax or alien particle in the external side of the ear can also cause tinnitus. Subjective tinnitus causes because of accumulation of wax in the ear passage. Objective tinnitus is a result of circulatory problem or tumor in the blood vessel. There are chances that due to structural defects in the inner ear tinnitus can be caused. Tinnitus is a symptom of otosclerosis. Few other reasons also initiate tinnitus such as diabetes, blood pressure both, high or low, allergy, head injury or neck injury. Medicines such as antidepressants, sedatives and aspirin can also lead to tinnitus.

Diet for Tinnitus

Natural remedy for tinnitus includes concentration on diet. Avoiding saturated fats, sugar, dairy products, processed foods, and salt is best as they tend to aggravate the existing condition. Avoiding coffee, sweets, tea as well as refined alcohol results in low blood sugar and this can also be a cause for tinnitus. So include lots of raw as well as fresh fruits, vegetables in the regular diet. Having protein rich diet should be the priority. Similarly, including vitamin A, B, E, chlorine and zinc is essential. Prohibiting smoking, caffeine and alcohol can also worsen tinnitus.

So keeping blood pressure under control is mandatory. Cutting salt from the regular diet is of great help as it reduces the cause for tinnitus. Chewing dry fruits enhances the blood circulation. This is one of the useful diet for tinnitus.

Home Remedies for Tinnitus

Tinnitus cure - A universal treatment is not specified for curing tinnitus. Wearing a mask can help people suffering from loud noise. Many times tinnitus is a symptom caused due to few other medical problems. In such cases the treatment should be focused on other medical problems. Increase in stress levels also lead to tinnitus. Therefore reducing stress becomes inevitable. Breathing deeply enhances the blood flow. Putting Gingko biloba for 4 to 6 weeks into your ears will help in increasing blood flow to the ears. These are few of the very simple home remedies for tinnitus. Reduce all the sounds that are adjacent to you and strictly avoid loud noises as it aggravates the tinnitus. Wearing earplugs during loud noise is one of the best home remedy for tinnitus. Earplugs can be used of any variety such as rubber, foam or moldable wax plugs. Headphones can also be used like ear muffs.

Many people fail to comprehend that they are suffering from tinnitus in the daytime, but when lights are out, they can listen to the buzzing sound in the ears. Music soothes and gives relaxation. Stress is considered as a cause for tinnitus worsening. So relaxations as well as stress management skills are useful in reducing tinnitus. In spite of these simple remedies, when you find the tinnitus has not reduced; consulting a physician is the only alternative. Massaging the ear or applying some hot compresses on the neck prior to going bed increases the blood circulation. Taking hot or cold foot baths stimulates the circulation. This is one of the effective tinnitus treatment.