Home Remedies for Toe Nail Fungus

Finger nails as well as toe nails, both are subjected to fungal infections. Toe nail fungus is caused by a fungus group called dermatophytes. These funguses grow and feed on the keratin which is the surface of the toe nail. Commonly, it is noted that the big toe finger and the little toe finger are more prone to be affected. Toe nail fungus causes the discoloration and disfiguration of the nails. It is contagious and few times hereditary.

The toe nail fungus symptoms are apparent as the affected nail looks brown or yellow in color and becomes thick, overgrown and painful. The nail accumulates waste that gives rise to foul smell. The nail eventually falls off. Toe nails get affected in the damp places such as shower stalls, public gyms and swimming pools. This fungus of the toe nail spreads from one toe to other parts of the body or to another toe. People who are at greater risk are the one who are accustomed to wear fitting shoes such as athletes. Other reasons such as half dry or wet feet after exercise should be patted and dried immediately. Similarly, decreased resistance leads to toe nail fungus as well. So taking home remedies for toe nail fungus will protect the toe nails.

Home Remedies for Toe Nail Fungus

Some of the home remedies for toe nail fungus are tea tree oil. This is a natural fungicide and antiseptic. Applying olive oil and pure tea tree oil to the affected nail and rubbing it yield perfect result. Soaking toenails in Listerine mouthwash is wonderful home remedies for toe nail fungus. The antiseptic is powerful in the mouthwash and so your toenails look healthy. Soaking the toenails in warm water mixed with apple cider vinegar is useful as a toe nail remedy. Drying the toe nails is very essential to avoid toe nail fungus.

Similarly, tea tree oil with lavender oil dabbed on the edges of the toe nail is good to fight against infection and prevent the skin from irritation. Oregano oil blended with olive oil works great on the affected area as oregano oil has antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and antifungal properties. Adding creams to the feet at night times makes the rough skin smooth. Diet plays a significant role in curing any disease. People undergoing toe nail fungus problems should include good bacteria as it will help your body to liberate the fungus. Yogurt as well as kefir is the best sources of good bacteria. Reducing the intake of items such as sugar, dairy products as well as vinegar are essential toe nail fungus home remedies. The extract of olive leaf is an excellent anti-fungal agent.

Fungus grows in warm and moist areas such as spas, showers, swimming pools, or locker rooms. Catching this infection is easier in a warm puddle or floor. Washing the feet thoroughly after visiting public places will keep them dry. Wearing cotton socks helps in absorbing the moisture from sweating. Avoid wearing damp socks and it is recommended to wear a pair of fresh socks. Sharing washcloths, towels, shoes or other personal things should be avoided with people who already have contracted this disease. Cutting the nails short and avoiding nail polish is best to keep them in a line. This is one of the most useful toe nails treatment.

Vinegar is one of the excellent natural remedy for toe nails fungus as it is a non-toxic cleaner.

Constantly keeping vinegar will clear the fungus. Applying Vicks vaporub on the toe nails also evades fungus. Keeping the foot soaked in warm water mixed with salt and lemon, cleans the toe nails and soothes the toes as well. Applying cream or oil on the toe nail keeps it from becoming dry. But cleaning the toe nail and especially maintaining it without fungus should be taken proper care. Daily cleaning with mild soap and warm water is essential and soaking the feet for at least 3 to 5 minutes is essential to maintain your toe nails in good condition. This is one of the useful toe nails fungus cure.