Home Remedies for Acidity / Gastritis

What is Gastritis

Gastritis occurs when there is an excess of acid production in the stomach. Various acids are needed by the digestive system of the human body to bring about the digestion of the food. But if there is a problem with the digestive process, or if the foods introduced in the stomach are indigestible, then Gastritis is produced in the body.

Gastritis is felt by a burning sensation in the stomach and the chest region. Sometimes the acids regurgitate into the esophagus and can be felt as a hot sensation in that region. This is called as heartburn. When Gastritis occurs, there are sour belches felt, which can also be felt with a pungent taste in the mouth. Gastritis can also produce nausea and the person may actually vomit. If the Gastritis increases, then the person may feel other problems like indigestion, constipation and diarrhea.

Home Remedies for Acidity or Gastritis

Gastritis occurs when there is an excess of acid production in the stomach. This is felt by sluggishness and a burning sensation in the body. The person feels nausea and even vomits; and there can be gurgling sensations in the body. The following are some of the home remedies to fight against Gastritis:-

Natural remedy for gastritis - Early in the morning when you wake up, eat two plantains and then take a glassful of milk after about ten minutes. Continue this treatment for a few days. It is a sure remedy to get a permanent cure for Gastritis.

After having a heavy meal, there is a very great possibility that Gastritis may occur. However, this eventuality can be prevented by the following remedy: Take a glassful of milk with two tablespoonfuls of isphagula(Plantago ovata) mixed in it. This will help the heavy food to digest properly and eliminate the risk of potential Gastritis.

Extract the juice of an orange. In this add some roasted cumin seeds and a pinch of rock salt. Drink this whenever you have Gastritis problems. This is a very easy remedy which provides quick relief from Gastritis. This is one of the best home remedies for gastritis.

Another good gastritis treatment is when you have terrible Gastritis in the stomach and you need quick relief from it, just take one or two pieces of cloves and put them in the mouth. Bite them slightly so that the juices of the cloves keep oozing out. You will find the problem of Gastritis go away soon.

Milk is very good food for people who have continuous problems with Gastritis. Just drinking a glassful of milk each night before going to bed each night, helps in preventing Gastritis. You must certainly do this if you have had a heavy dinner. This is one of the best gastritis remedy.

If you are afraid you could suffer from Gastritis after a heavy meal, you could take the following precaution in order to allay the possibility: Take two teaspoonfuls of apple cider vinegar and add in it one teaspoonful of honey. Put this mixture in a glassful of water and drink it about ten minutes before you are supposed to have the meal. You will be surprised to see how even the richest of foods do not cause Gastritis by this little precaution.

Take a teaspoonful of cumin seeds, slightly roast them, and then crush them partially. Their insides must get exposed, but they should not become powder. Put these cumin seeds in a glass of water. Drink this water along with the meal you take. You can boil the water with the cumin seeds in it beforehand for better results. This is another preventive method for Gastritis. This is one of the useful home remedies for gastritis.

Another effective gastritis remedy that if you have a habit of consuming tea daily – doesn’t matter if it is in the mornings or in the evenings – just add a bit of ginger, spearmint and licorice into the tea. This herbal tea is a good remedy for keeping the problems of Gastritis at bay.

You can try eating a bit of jaggery after every meal. In some people, this is an effective way to reduce Gastritis problems. However, this remedy does not work for all people, and people with diabetes must surely not try it out.

Cabbage produces gas. But at the same time it also provides fiber which supplies roughage for the movement of bowels. Eating lots of cabbage will ensure that there are proper motions, and also all the gas is expelled from the body. This is considered by some to be an unconventional remedy for treating Gastritis problems, but it does work. It is a proper diet for gastritis.

Have pure coconut water when you have Gastritis problems. The water of the tender coconut is more beneficial. About three to four glassfuls of this water must be drunk per day in case you are suffering from Gastritis. This is one of the efficient gastritis treatment.

If you have mild Gastritis, then eat a plateful of cooked rice into which a small bowl of curds has been added. Mix the curds into the rice well and then eat in big gulps. This will cure Gastritis within six to eight hours.

Aerated drinks are good if you have Gastritis problems. The gases in these drinks help the gases of the stomach to pass out. However, do not consume cola drinks since they contain sugar and may lead to stomach aches. Plain soda, or soda with some lemon juice and salt added to it is very good for Gastritis.

You can also try taking in one or two teaspoonfuls of white vinegar along with your meals. This will help your food to get digested, and will also control the Gastritis that occurs in your stomach. One of the useful home remedies for gastritis.

Fennel (Fenneliculum vulgare) is so good in controlling Gastritis that it is traditionally eaten after each meal in India. If your Gastritis has increased, then you can add one teaspoonful of fennel seeds in a cup of water and bring it to a boil. Then cover this water and keep it overnight. In the morning, strain the solution, and in the filtered liquid, add one teaspoonful of honey. This must be taken thrice in a day (you can prepare three cups of the solution the previous night itself). This remedy is very effective in helping digestion and in expelling the toxic wastes from the body.

The following is more of a preventive method than a remedy. Take one clove and one piece of cardamom. Crush them together to a powder and put them in the mouth. Apart from helping in Gastritis, this also helps as a great mouth freshener. One of the useful gastritis remedy.

You can take four cloves of garlic, crush them and then eat them every morning before consuming anything else. This is a very good remedy for controlling Gastritis (and also for heart disorders). But the problem with it is the taste of garlic which is intolerable to some people. However, the foul taste of garlic can be improved a little by frying the cloves in butter or in ghee. This is a good natural remedy for gastritis.

If you feel mild Gastritis symptoms, then you can simply take four to five leaves of the holy basil (Ocimum sanctum), wash them thoroughly and then put them in the mouth. Chew them slowly so that their juices are introduced in the stomach gradually. This controls mild Gastritis problems. This is one of the effective gastritis treatement.

If there is heartburn, i.e. if you are feeling the acids regurgitating into the chest region (this is felt by a slight burning sensation in the chest region), then you can get relief by chewing and swallowing four almonds.

Note: Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is the best traditionally prescribed remedy for Gastritis of the stomach, and indeed for all kinds of stomach problems. Ginger added in cuisine helps in two ways – it provides the food with its excellent flavor and also promotes the perfect digestion of the food. The following are various remedies involving the consumption of ginger.

One of the useful home remedies for gastritis is to take a small piece of ginger and pound it to a pulp. To this add an equal amount of coriander. Mix the two properly. Eating this will provide an immediate stop to the Gastritis problem and will clear out the stomach.

This is a remedy similar to the above one, and it is also a fast acting remedy. Take a small piece of ginger and extract its juice. But instead of adding coriander, you can add the juice of mint leaves taken in equal quantity. Drink this mixture of juice twice or thrice a day. It will provide definite relief from the Gastritis problem.

Mix the juice of a little piece of ginger with an equal amount of honey. Lick on this twice in a day – in the morning and in the evening. You will obtain positive relief from Gastritis. This is one of the good home remedy for gastritis.

Extract the juice of a small piece of ginger. It should be about a tablespoonful in amount. in this, add some rock salt, which has been finely powdered, and some roasted and slightly crushed cumin seeds. Consume this juice twice in a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Top it up with half a glass of buttermilk each time. This ensures proper digestion of the food, and will treat the problem of Gastritis as though it never existed.

Gastritis Treatment

Prevention is certainly better than cure in the condition of Gastritis and indeed, all stomach problems. The following tips and pointers must be kept in mind if you wish to keep your stomach free from Gastritis problems:-

(i) Never binge on foods, whatever be the reason. Eat only as much as your stomach demands. If you eat in the right amount, all kinds of foods can be digested in the stomach, however rich they may be.

(ii) Never go to bed directly after dinner. You must either perform some light exercise or do your work. There must be a gap of at least two hours between the dinner and going to bed. This is one of the good home remedy for gastritis.

(iii) Avoid an excess of spicy and oily foods.

(iv) Avoid red meats; they cause a lot of Gastritis. If you are having meats, then you must ensure that they have been cooked properly.

(v) Stale foods must never be consumed. Some people eat partially rotting fruits with the justification that they have been washed properly. But the fact is that they still have bacteria present in them.

(vi) Do not suppress your natural urges to urinate or defecate. If you sometimes feel that you need to vomit, do so. This is one of the useful gastritis cure.

(vii) Always make a habit of eating several fresh fruits throughout the day. Include fibers in your diet which help in the digestion of the food that you eat. Also, drink a glassful of milk before retiring to bed each night. This is one of the best diet for gastritis.