Home Remedies for Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Bad Breath

Halitosis is the scientific term for bad breath, which is unarguably one of the most detrimental conditions to a person's personal and social progress. Bad breath occurs due to decays of food effectuated by microorganisms in the mouth, which release several gases. These gases are mingled in the breath making it foul. Sometimes, the breath can be so foul that it becomes unbearable for other people to come in close communication with the sufferer.

Medically, halitosis is known as oral malodor, and it almost always originates in the oral cavity. The decay could occur in the teeth, gums or even on the tongue. Generally, bacteria are responsible for oral malodor.

Every person has odoriferous breath. However, in some people, the odors are well controlled. Also, the extents to which odors are produced vary throughout the day. The following are some factors:-

(i) Odors are more when the mouth is dry. This explains the presence of a very offensive odor every morning when we get up. The mouth remains dry throughout the night.

(ii) Odors are more when the person has just had a meal. During this time, the microorganisms are acting upon the food particles attached on the teeth and are producing foul gases.

(iii) Odors are more in the hot season, or when a person is fasting.

(iv) Foods such as ginger, garlic, onion, etc. produce a very offensive odor when eaten. This is due to the strong mineral content present in them, especially sulfur.

(v) Smoking and alcoholism are also responsible for bad breath.

(vi) Lack of dental hygiene is a prime factor for producing bad breath.

Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Take the peel of a pomegranate fruit and dry it in the sun. Then put this peel in water. Bring the water to a boil. Then cool the water and use it for gargling. This remedy is an ideal solution for bad breath and mouth ulcers. This is one of the useful home remedy for bad breath.

This is another remedy using pomegranate peels. Take the peels off the fruit and then dry them in the shade. When done, grind these peels to a fine powder. Take three grams of this powder and put it in a glassful of water. Drink this twice each day; once in the morning and once in the evening. Also use the water for gargles as in the remedy explained above. This is a confirmed treatment for bad breath. This is one of the important home remedies for bad breath.

Another effective bad breath remedy is very quick but temporary remedy to solve bad breath problems is to take some coriander leaves that have been dried earlier and to chew on them. This removes all offensive odors from the mouth on a temporary basis. It is especially effective in the treatment of bad breath that is caused due to consuming onions and garlic.

Take two teaspoonfuls of mustard oil and add about half a teaspoonful of common salt in it. Keep this in the mouth for sometime, rolling it round and round within. Spit out the saliva that collects. After half an hour, throw all that is in the mouth and wash the mouth with fresh water. Within a short while, the bad breath would have gone completely from the mouth.

Take a small crystal of potassium permanganate, of about the size of a mustard seed. Add this into a glassful of water, and dissolve it completely. Use this water to gargle frequently. Potassium permanganate will dissuade the bacteria from developing inside the mouth, due to which the bad breath will itself get treated.

Take a glassful of warm water. Add in it one teaspoonful of ginger juice and one teaspoonful of lemon juice. Gargle with this solution at least once a day. This is by far the most effective remedy for the bad breath treatment.

When you want quick relief from bad breath and there is breath freshener around, then simply chewing on the stem of a licorice or a piece of cardamom removes the odors.

Generally bad breath occurs because the bacteria begin accumulating on the undigested food. Hence if measures are taken to digest the food properly, the problem of bad breath is nipped in the bud. Take some fennel seeds after each meal. Fennel is very good for the mouth fresh and for treating bad breath. Pop in a few fennel seeds into the mouth after each meal. This is one of the natural remedy for bad breath.

Another good natural remedy for bad breath is to take some leaves of the jamuna fruit (Indian Plum, Syzygium cumini) and make a wad of them. Put this into the mouth and keep on chewing on them slightly. Let the juices from the leaves permeate into the oral cavity. This is certain to solve your bad breath problems. Instead of jamuna leaves, the leaves of the tulsi can also be used as a natural mouth freshener.

One of the useful home remedies for bad breath is to brush your teeth with the twigs of the neem (Azadirachtha indica) or the babul (Acacia arabica) every morning. These are natural antibacterial and antiviral trees. They can kill the proliferation of microbes in the mouth and make the breath fresher.

Always keep some green cardamoms handy. Keep popping them one by one in the mouth after long intervals. This is very good during travel when there are more chances of acquiring bad breath. This is one of the efficient bad breath treatment.

Cut a raw guava into four quarters. Put some salt on the guava pieces. Then bite each piece with your front teeth and eat them, chewing very slowly and very nicely. Guavas have vitamin C, which is excellent in maintaining dental hygiene. Your bad breath will disappear with the guava. This is one of the effective diet for bad breath.

All foods rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, lemons, sweet limes, etc. are excellent for preventing bad breath. Make a habit of eating one orange or any such fruit after meals. It will also maintain your teeth healthier. This is one of the effective diet for bad breath.

Mint is very good for bad breath. You must always keep some mint chewing gum with you, which may contain spearmint or peppermint. When you feel your mouth drying up, just put one of the gums in your mouth and chew. It really helps in preventing the bad breath. This is a good bad breath remedy.

There's no remedy better than water. If your mouth is drying up excessively and there's nothing in sight to stop your bad breath, then just a glassful of water helps. Not only will your thirst be quenched, but you will also feel your breath becoming fresher.

If you have chronic bad breath, i.e. bad breath that lasts for a long time and does not go despite taking supreme measures for dental hygiene, then you can try out the following remedy: Take some fenugreek seeds and put it in water. Add in that water some sugar and let it boil for about ten minutes. You can even add some tea leaves and milk to make it a proper tea. When done, have this tea sip by sip. This must be done at least twice a day. This is an excellent remedy for getting permanent relief from bad breath. Good Natural remedy for bad breath.

Put about two teaspoonfuls of baking soda in one liter of water. Mix it thoroughly. Then use this water for taking gargles. Do this once in a day, and twice if you feel the breath is too severe. This will certainly help in getting rid of the offensive odors within the mouth. This is one of the best home remedies for bad breath.

Use a mouthwash that contains either thyme or eucalyptus oils or both. Use this regularly as the directions are indicated. Both these oils are very effective in killing the bacteria living in the oral cavity, which helps in the prevention of bad breath. This is one of the useful

Take two cups of clean water. Boil this water for about ten minutes. Then add in this water several chopped sprigs of parsley. Allow the parsley sprigs to remain in the water for some time, so that their juices are well steeped into the water. Then add a few pieces of cloves into the parsley water. About two to three pieces of whole cloves would be enough. Stir this mixture continuously as it is cooling down. The essences of both the parsley and the cloves should get properly steeped into the water. When cooled, use this water as a mouthwash twice a day. This is one of the simplest bad breath remedy.

One of the simplest things one can do to prevent bad breath is to keep drinking water throughout the day. Also drink about two to three glasses of fresh fruit juices per day, especially the fruits which are rich in vitamin C content. This is one of the effective bad breath cure.

Bad Breath (Halitosis) Cure

Bad breath is avoided by maintaining proper dental hygiene. The common dental guidelines must be followed. The following are the most important points:-

(i) The teeth must be brushed at least twice a day, once in the morning when we wake up and once in the night before retiring to bed.

(ii) Special attention must be paid while brushing, to the interspaces between the teeth and the last molar teeth in the upper as well as the lower jaw.

(iii) Any embedded food particle in the teeth must be extricated with toothpicks.

(iv) The tongue should be cleaned daily with a tongue cleaner.

(v) Mints and other such mouth fresheners should be used regularly. These kill the bacteria and prevent the odors.

There are many foods that can cause bad breath. So if you have such problems, you must avoid these foods:-

(i) Pungent foods like onions, garlic and ginger

(ii) Fish such as anchovies and tunas

(iii) Cheese, especially Roquefort, Camembert and blue cheese

(iv) Specialty meats available at the deli such as pastrami, salami and pepperoni

(v) All alcoholic drinks, especially whiskey.

It is very important to monitor the breath closely, especially if you have bad breath problems. Remember that bad breath becomes more and more severe with time; hence it is best to take some kind of remedy right from the beginning. Maintaining proper dental, oral and gingival hygiene is the best thing one can do in preventing halitosis.