Home Remedies for Ear Problems

The ear is a very sensitive part of the human body and it is responsible for one of the five fundamental senses, i.e. hearing. But the ear passage is open to the external environment. This makes it vulnerable to a host of problems. Ear problems are observed more in children than in adults. Hence, it really helps if there are proper treatment methods close at hand.

Common problems that can occur with the ear are ringing in the ears, known as tinnitus, pus and other discharges from the ears, hearing impairment, earaches, ear infections, etc. All these problems are quite distressing and they interfere greatly in the normal functioning of the person.

Moreover, children have a tendency to put pencils and other things in the ears. This can cause more severe problems. People who do not take proper care of their ears are the ones who are more susceptible to such problems.

Home Remedies for Ear Problems

The following is a list of some of the most common home remedies for the problems that occur with the ears.

Home Remedies for Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears)

Tinnitus means ringing sensations in the ears. This can occur due to some infection in the ear, the entry of some living organism in the ear, climatic changes or even changes in the pressure. Children who face this sensation can become disoriented and suffer accidents. Tinnitus happens in adults also, and it can become quite annoying. The following is a list of some effective and simple home remedies.

Take some sesame oil or coconut oil in an earthen pot. Hang this pot from the ceiling. Then make a tiny hole at the bottom of the pot so that a thin stream of the oil flows from the pot. Lie on the ground, so that the center of the forehead is exactly where the stream is falling. This remedy is known as shirodhara in the Ayurvedic therapy. It is highly beneficial in the treatment of tinnitus. This is one of the useful home remedies for tinnitus.

There are at least two good Ayurvedic oils that are used very effectively in the treatment of tinnitus. One of them is the Aparamarga Kshaara taila. This is to be used, not more than five drops, in each ear. The application must be done at bedtime. Another oil is the Hingawadi taila, in which the asafetida is the primary component. This oil is to be used for external application around the ears. The benefits of both these oils are immense, especially in children. This is one of the simplest tinnitus remedy.

Effective tinnitus treatment is to take a cup of milk and add a teaspoonful of ghee to it. Blend this nicely and drink. One cupful must be drunk everyday. It helps in the treatment of all kinds of ringing sounds in the ears.

In an open pan, put a teaspoonful of mustard oil. In that put a single clove of garlic and roast it. Let it cool a bit. Then take the clove and squeeze it into the ears, so that the squeezed out oil falls directly into the ears. This is a very effective remedy to cure the imaginary sounds in the ears that are caused due to cold climates and high altitudes. This is one of the good natural remedy for tinnitus.

When children suffer from peculiar sounds in the ears, you can try out this following very simple and safe remedy for them. Take one onion and grate it. Then squeeze it in a cloth and extract its juices. Mix this juice in the rice which they eat for their meals. It will help in allaying the funny sounds.

Warm some juice of the tulsi leaves (Holy Basil, Ocimum sanctum) and put two to three drops of this juice in each ear. Do this once a day continuously for about three to four days. This will certainly solve the problem of ringing sensation in the ears. This is one of the best tinnitus home remedies.

Another effective tinnitus cure In a small quantity of mustard oil, put some cloves. Heat it. When warm, dip a wad of cotton in it and then plug it in the ear. The ringing sounds will clear away.

Home Remedies to Remove Insects and Bugs from the Ears

The very idea of a creepy-crawly in the ear is loathsome. However, these things do happen, and it is necessary to get the intruder out of the ear as soon as possible. In most cases, it is quite easy to remove the organism from the ear. Just follow some of these good home remedies.

Another effective natural remedy for ear problems is to put some alum in water. Let the alum dissolve completely in the water. Then put this water drop by drop into the ears. The insect or bug will eventually float out of the ears. This remedy also takes care of all peculiar symptoms that are observed when external live organisms enter the ears.

Extract some juice of an onion. When it is still freshly extracted, put the juice into the ears. Put it drop by drop and do not shake the head. The intruder in the ears will be flushed out slowly. Pick it out with a pair of tweezers without allowing it to enter into the ears. This is a good ear problems home remedies.

One very effective way to remove even the most obstinate of insects or worms that enter the ears is this. Take some water and mix limestone in it. Then strain this water through a fine cloth. Put only two or three drops of this water into the ears. The external organism will surely come out of the ears.

If the insect is still alive inside the ears, and you can feel movement, then there is one sure-shot way to attract the insect outside the ears. Turn off all the lights of the room (or make it totally dark if it is daytime) and then shine a torch into the ear. Insects are all attracted to light. So the insect will itself find its way out. However, the ear must not be disturbed in the slightest, and it goes without saying that fingers should not be inserted into the ears. This is one of the important ear problems remedy.

For most obstinate worms and insects who do not respond to any of the above methods, there is one certain way of eliminating them. Put some warmed mustard oil into the ears. Two or three drops are enough. This oil has the capacity to kill whatever organism has intruded in the ears. You will know the organism has died when the feeling of movement inside the ears comes to a stop. Then tilt the head so that the affected ear faces the ground. Doing so will allow the dead organism to come out of the ear. If not, then tap the head slightly from the other side. This will force the insect or bug out. But you must never put any sharp object in the ears to remove the insect. This is a best ear problems cure.

Note: When any insect or bug enters our ears, our first and most normal reaction is to put our finger in the ears and try to bring it out. Or we may try putting something sharp like a toothpick, or worse still, a pin into the ears. Both these things should not be done. Our fingers are too thick for the ear passage, so the insect will only be pushed more and more inside. This will make it more difficult to remove it. Sharp objects put in the ear may rupture the tympanum or the ear drum, which could lead to permanent deafness. Hence, one of the above home remedies must be followed, and not out natural instincts.

Home Remedies for Hearing Impairments

Of course, there is no home remedy for permanent deafness. But if there is some mild and temporary hearing impairment, then it can be looked after. Whatever medication you may take, you can supplement those with one of these safe herbal home remedies and get some good results for your problem.

Take some freshly extracted juice of radish, mustard oil and honey in equal proportions by volume. Mix all of these thoroughly and bring them to a uniform consistency. Put four drops of this mixture in each ear four times a day. This will indeed help in improving the hearing capacity. This is one of the best natural remedy for hearing impairments.

Three foods that are good for improving auditory senses are the ginger, jaggery and ghee. Include these in the daily diet, and also try eating them otherwise several times in a day. There is no major harm with an excess of these foods, except that jaggery is not be advisable for people with diabetes mellitus. This is one of the best hearing impairments home remedies.

You can prepare a remedy with ginger to improve hearing in the following manner: Extract some juice of ginger and add some salt in it. Then put a suitable quantity of honey in the juice and mix it well. Put two to four drops of this in each ear thrice a day. There will be definite benefits.

Take some mustard oil and warm it. Put four to five drops of this oil in each ear twice a day. This is a very simple remedy, but it does improve the hearing sense vastly. This is one of the important home remedies for hearing impairments.

Extract some oil of the cinnamon. Warm it slightly. Each night before going to bed, put a couple of drops of this oil into each ear with the help of a cloth or a dropper. Within a few days, there will be definite respite to the complaint of deafness.

The following is a remedy that works only if done consistently and on a regular basis. Take some tulsi leaves (Holy Basil, Ocimum sanctum) and crush them so as to extract their oil. Warm this oil slightly and put a few drops of it in each ear once a day. The hearing sense will quite definitely show an improvement. This is one of the important hearing impairments remedy.

In a similar fashion to the above methods, the oil of the mustard is also very good for solving hearing problems. Make it slightly warm and then put it in the ears. Doing this just once a day is enough to improve the hearing sense. This is a good hearing impairments cure.

How to get rid of ear problems

Ear hygiene is a must to solve all kinds of ear problems. While having your daily bath, swab the ears gently. Use soft ear buds to clean the buildup of earwax. This is especially important in children as their ears are very sensitive.

Keep the ears well-covered and protected when the climate turns to be too cold. Use mufflers or woolen caps to protect the ears. This is of prime importance in children. While on a flight, keep your jaws working by chewing on some gum. This helps to ease the pressure in the Eustachian tube and prevents earaches.

Finally, ears are delicate organs. Problems with them should not be neglected. For minor ailments, these home remedies will work, but it is always advisable to visit a doctor at the earliest.