Home Remedies for Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis or TB is a fatal disease which can claim the life of the patient when left untreated. Not all forms of tuberculosis are fatal. In the initial stages of the disease, if it is cured, there is no risk involved. However, if the disease is allowed to develop in to the advanced stages, it becomes a threat. The bacteria responsible for causing TB are called mycobacterium. The scientific name given to this bacterium is mycobacterium tuberculosis. The causes, symptoms, transmission and the home remedies for tuberculosis are discussed in the following sections.

Causes and Symptoms of Tuberculosis

As mentioned before, mycobacterium tuberculosis is the principal agent causing this disease. There are many other forms of this bacterium which also cause this disease. Some examples are mycobacterium africanum, mycobacterium bovis etc. However healthy human beings are usually safe from these bacteria. This disease usually harms the lungs and the respiratory system. But in some cases, damage can be caused to the circulatory system, genitourinary systems as well as the joints and bones. The primary system the bacterium targets is always the respiratory system.

Symptoms of the initial stages of TB are similar to that of a viral cold or a common allergy to cold temperature or dust and pollution. The patient experiences large bouts of coughs and chills. Fever and fatigue are also experienced. Shivering is present and sweating at night time is also another common symptom. The patient loses his appetite, exhibits pallor and loses weight rapidly. Sometimes the patient may cough blood and complaint of a severe chest pain.

Transmission of the disease

TB can be transmitted from one patient to another healthy person. When a person infected with Tb sneezes or coughs, he releases hundreds of particles of the saliva which contain the mycobacterium causing TB. When a healthy person comes in contact with this, he contracts the infection. Every mycobacterium present in different droplets released when the patient sneezes or coughs is fully capable of producing an entirely new infection. The effectiveness of the bacteria also depends on how virulent the bacterium is.

Hence it is advisable to keep infected patients in quarantine. Do not use the same utensil or clothes that the person has used. TB can also be transmitted through infected needles. Always ask you injection to be administered through a disposable syringe and ensure that the syringe is destroyed after it has been used on you. Persons who inject illicit narcotics are also at a high risk of contracting this disease. When the treatment for tuberculosis has begun, the transmission capacity of the patient to transmit the disease also decreases. Usually within three weeks of the beginning of the treatment, the patient can be removed from quarantine.

Easy Home Remedies for Tuberculosis

Milk is an effective tool against tuberculosis. However it does not serve in curing the disease all on its own. Milk being a source of calcium will greatly aid in curing TB when consumed in large portions. The Ayurveda system of medicine which practices the use of herbs and other such natural ingredients in treating diseases, offers plenty of effective tuberculosis home remedies. One such remedy advises a person to follow a complete milk diet after fasting (that is consuming only some prescribed fluids) for a specific duration of time. This must be followed for a week or so. He is advised to rest a lot during this period. When this treatment is followed as per the doctor’s advice, cure is guaranteed.

One of the most important natural remedy for tuberculosis is the consumption of certain concoctions made of specific fruits and vegetables. A concoction made from boiling together the pulp obtained from custard apples and five raisins in water to which is added sugar, is an effective home remedy for tuberculosis. Indian gooseberry juice when mixed with honey and consumed every morning on an empty stomach helps in curing the disease besides promoting general good health. A glass of pineapple juice every day is another of the effective home remedies for treating tuberculosis. This is a good diet for tuberculosis.