Eye Makeup Tips

If you want to look charming and bewitching you will need to pay as much attention to your eyes as you do it for your lips and cheeks. Apply a little amount of eye makeup to create a modest yet beautiful look of your eyes for the workday.

You can apply a large amount of eye makeup for dramatic and sexy looking eyes what are most suitable for an evening out on the town. No matter you are preparing for the day or night, you can have an idea of beginning eye make up with an application of eye shadow primer base to your lids so that your eye makeup can look fresh and stay put a little longer.

Get a smoky eye makeup

If you were feeling sultry, you would better try smoky eye makeup. Today's version is modern and updated, so it's a bit subtler than the intense smoky eye of years past. Here's how to get the look.

What will you need?

1. Chocolate brown, charcoal, bronze, or soft black powder eye shadow

2. A flat eyeliner brush

3. A cotton swab or sponge-tipped smudger

How to Apply Smoky Eye Makeup

Begin by applying any of neutral shadows such as bone and taupe etc. over entire eyelid to add something to your liner to stick to.

Put the edge of your eyeliner brush into your dark shadow and then tap off excess powder.

Press the liner brush into the base of your upper lashes after closing your eye. Do it again along the length of your lashes. You can add more color by repeating this.

Take a cotton swab and smudge it softly upward on liner and try to blend it up to the crease of your lid.

Finally apply a coat of mascara on top lashes. This is one of the best method for applying eye makeup.

Eye makeup for deep-set eyes

You can make even a small, deep-set eyes look larger by following six simple steps mentioned bellow:

Step 1 : Smoothen and plump up the skin around your eye with the use of eye cream while mixing any fine lines.  

Step 2 : The eyelids in some women are darker than the rest of their skin, casting shadows and making deep-set eyes look even a smaller than normal. The tone of lids can be evened out with application of a layer of foundation to them.

Step 3: Apply a light-colored shadow, sweeping it over your entire lid, from lash line to brow bone. Pick up a color such as bone, taupe or peach. Your features will stand out with such light colors. Features appear to be receding with dark colors.

Step 4: Add a medium-toned shadow by dusting it along the crease of your eye. Once again, avoid going too dark and rather pick a medium brown or gray.

Step 5: Line lightly by applying a brown or charcoal pencil or powder liner very close to your lash lines. Do not choose black because it can make eyes look even smaller.

Step 6: Use eyelash curler to curl your lashes and sweep it on a coat of black or dark brown mascara. These are the best eye makeup tips.

Tricks to flatter your eyes

Eye makeup is such an art that initially mystifies many women. You will be comfortable with it once you make it as your routine activity.

Here are some basic techniques for applying eye makeup:

Hiding imperfections

Correct imperfections and create the perfect canvas for color application by applying either a thin layer of foundation or a primer on the eyelids.

Applying powder

Set powder on your lids particularly when you are using powder eye shadow. You need not apply powder if you are using cream or pencils. Cream or which can glide over foundation more easily.

Choosing color

Your hair and not your eyes will determine the colors suitable for you.

Creams and taupes are good for blondes whereas brunettes look good with mochas and chocolate browns.

In case you are auburn or redhead, you must choose coppers, peaches, and reddish browns or cool tones such as pink and lavenders.

Persons with gray hair will look gorgeous if they select grays, soft purples, and blues.

Applying one shadow all over

Apply a wash of one color on the entire eyelid to get a complete simplicity. It is good to prefer cream eye shadows for this look. Light to medium tones can be the better choice. Apply mascara and brown pencil if required.

Emphasizing the crease line for depth

First use the lightest color. Apply a light tone over the entire eyelid with the help of a medium eye shadow brush in following ways:

1. Pick up your brush and move it from the lash line to the area where eyelid meets the brow bone is slightly beyond the crease. Glide up to the brow bone and lift the brush off your face.

2. Apply a medium shade in the crease line with little more depth than what went on the eyelid with the help of a small to medium shadow brush. Move it slightly beyond the crease towards the brow bone to add depth to the eyes. Its slight movement beyond the crease will create a contour that will become apparent even while your eyes are wide open.

3. To add more dramatic look to your eyes you will need to place a medium to deep tone on the upper lash line with the use of an angled eye shadow or eyeliner brush. You can keep this line soft and smudged.

Emphasizing the lash line for shape

To provide a definite shape to your eyes you will need to dust a light to medium tone over the entire eyelid. Apply a darker tone at the lash line with the use of an eyeliner brush for creation of a smudged, dramatic line.

When eye color is complete, you will need to dust loose powder over entire eye area with the help of a large eye shadow brush to help set and blend. Add mascara and brow pencil, as per requirement.

Tips for Different Eye Shapes

You can design the best eye makeup for your own pretty peepers by trying some optical illusions mentioned below:

Deep Set: Bring the eyes forward by dusting a light and pale tone on your entire eyelid. You can add medium tone for intensifying the color along the upper lash line. But avoid darkening the crease.

Narrow Set: Apply makeup on the outer edges of the eyes that extend slightly beyond the outer corners.

Wide Set: Begin the application at the inner corners of the eyes. Make sure that you are not going past the outer corners.

Protruding: Make your eyes recede by choosing tones with warmth and depth and then apply a medium tone over the entire eyelid. You can also go for adding a deeper tone in the crease or at the lash lines.

Small: Bring light to your eyes by using shimmery tones but do not use black because it may confine the eyes and looks too severe.

Large: Use deep, warm tones while ensuring softness of mascara.