Eyebrow Regrowth

We often come to know about the hair loss in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Hair loss can be one of the most traumatic aspects of combating this fatal disease. Losing hairs on head and also eyebrows is also common during the treatment. Fortunately, you can experience regrowth of hairs on your head and eyebrows.

Since all of us sport eyebrows, the loss of eyebrow hairs becomes quite noticeable. Apart from framing the eyes, eyebrows constitute a very crucial part of the landscape of our face. One faces an embarrassing situation after losing eyebrow hairs.

One quick solution for this traumatic experience is to use an eyebrow pencil by drawing the hair back in eyebrow areas. However, this can work well one is comfortable with drawing the eyebrows perfectly. If they are not skilled in drawing eyebrows, the eyebrow regrowth will look natural.

In case you notice that the hair of your eyebrow has either become thin or is falling out, you would better go to your doctor to seek medical advice.

If you are aware of the cause such as in case of chemotherapy treatment for cancer, then it will be feasible to prescribe a solution for eyebrow regrowth. However, if you haven't fallen ill and you are not aware of the cause behind the difference in your eyebrows, your doctor will find out the root cause of the problem to first solve it before prescribing treatment.

You may get a topical solution, such as application of cream or lotion to the areas of your eyebrows. The application of cream or lotion can help stimulate regrowth of eyebrow hair. It is important for you to make sure that such creams or lotions meant for application only on the eyebrows are not used elsewhere in your face. You must wash your hands thoroughly after application so as to avoid chances of rubbing the cream on to any other areas of your body.

Another option for regrow hair that you can try to restore your thick and bushy eyebrows is to use oral medications. Such medications are generally prescribed to women who have undergone menopause recently.

Hormonal changes associated with menopause may lead to either thinning or total loss of hair. In such a case regulation of hormones in the body can help restore eyebrows. Once the levels of hormones are brought back to normalcy, the eyebrow hairs will naturally grow back.

How to Regrow Eyebrow hair?

Restore the main physical function of the eyebrows by stopping the flow of moisture, particularly salty sweat and rain, into your eyes. Eyebrows are very important areas of the face as they have an ability to express and communication. This is the effective method for eyebrow regrowth hair.

How long does eyebrow takes to regrow?

Eyebrow regrowth is a slow process, irrespective of the techniques adopted in this direction. Normal eyebrow regrowth 6 to 8 weeks. However, you can speed regrowth process to some extent by following the steps given below:

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:

Eyebrow brush

Vitamin E

Rogaine Extra Strength


Eyebrow pencil to match your eyebrow color

Steps for restoration of eyebrows

Step 1: Your eyebrow hair is high in protein. Protein is deficient in some people in United States. If you are aware of deficiency in protein needs or other essential vitamins, you will be required to replenish those vitamins to ensure normal growth. Vitamin A, C, B3, and E are needed to help stimulate hair growth. You can also stimulate hair follicles by consuming folic acid tablets.

Step 2: Hold an inexpensive eyebrow brush and sweep it on your eyebrow area towards the direction of your eyebrow hair growth, up and out toward the side of your face. Brush for 2 minutes. Apart from stimulating the area the brushing helps to speed up hair growth. Do this two times a day.

Step 3: Keep a small amount of Rogaine Extra Strength (a hair growth product) in the cap. Dip a Q-tip in it and then gently apply brush over the eyebrow area. Make sure that brush does not come in contact with your eyes. Do this two times a day until eyebrows fill in.

Rogain will speed up the process of eyebrow hair regrowth. But you will experience the improvement only after few weeks. Slow down the Rogain application when you notice eyebrow regrowth upto your satisfaction and then start using this only twice a week for the period of a month before discontinuing it. Based on the results, evaluate if to see if you need further application of Rogain or not.

It is worthwhile to mentioned that Rogaine is a hair growth product which is meant especially for Men. But it can be used for men or women when it comes to adopting technique for eyebrow hair regrowth.

Step 4: In case some areas covering your eyebrow are simply light, you can temporarily fill them with the use of eyebrow pencil.

To achieve desired results, you can draw in multiple short thin lines instead of drawing one heavy line. Make sure that color of your eyebrow pencil matches to your normal eyebrow color. After using eyebrow pencil, use eyebrow sealer.

Step 5: In case you have lost your eyebrow completely after undergoing chemotherapy as treatment of cancer, you can try various options to restore your eyebrow.

You can use eyebrow pencil to draw entire eyebrow and then maintain the drawn eyebrow with the use of sealant.

Eyebrow sealant protects your eyebrow from being rubbed off during the day particularly when you have drawn the entire eyebrow in. You can also use stencil on your eyebrows. Another option that you can try is to get a permanent tattoo done. In case your eyebrows are very light you can choose this option. You glue natural hair eyebrows into place.

You can purchase natural hair eyebrows to glue into place much in the same way as wig is used on the tonsured head. You can choose temporary applications before resorting to tattooing, which is a permanent solution. This is one of the best method for eyebrow regrowth treatment.