Nourishvitals Flavored Almonds (Lemon Pepper) Review



Almonds are perhaps one of the most loved dry-fruits of all. Of course, there are various reasons for it, foremost being that it helps you deal with the hunger-pangs without having you put-on un-necessary weight. When I came across the Nourishvital range of preserved fruits and snack items, I simply knew I had to grab my own package of goodies. Since I am working on my diet-plan, dealing with cravings and hunger-pangs is a challenge. Watching your weight does not have to be boring and the Nourishvitals Flavored Almonds in Lemon Pepper just proves that. The product is simply irresistible, the range has quite a few other flavors and snack ideas as well, but let us talk about the delicious Lemon pepper flavored Almonds here.

So, Here Is A List Of My Personal Take On The Product:

The Taste

The taste of Nourishvitals Flavored Almonds (Lemon Pepper) is simply delicious. For those of you, who enjoy hot and spicy snack items, this product is sure a keeper. The seasoning of the Nourishvitals Flavored Almonds (Lemon Pepper) is a basic one that comprises of the tangy rush of Lemons and the spicy shock of ground Black Pepper.

Calorie Intake

As mentioned earlier, the Nourishvitals Flavored Almonds (Lemon pepper) makes for a great snack to nibble up-on if you are under weight-watch. It is good, as it satisfies your taste-buds as compared to the other diet options and Almonds are known to keep the hunger pangs away. It contains absolutely NO sugars and Trans-fats, thus helping you lose weight the healthy way. The product is also absolutely natural, without any trace of artificial colors or flavors. So, if you have signed-up for weight-loss, try this product and you are sure to be helped to a great deal.


Almonds are known to be one of the most nourishing dry-fruits. The goodness of this dry fruit is celebrated across all cultures and continents. As it is known to enhance the Human memory power, it is quite popular among people of all ages. Popping Almonds is great, as it is a known popular factor when it comes to enhancing the Hair-growth. Daily intake of Almonds or even increased intake of Almonds is sure to help you reduce hair-loss and improve the quality of hair that you currently own, The Nourishvitals Flavored Almonds (Lemon Pepper) helps bring to you all these great nourishment goodness in a single packaging.



The packaging of the Nourishvitals Flavored Almonds (Lemon Pepper) is a simple air-tight Plastic cylindrical Jar. It has a basic plastic lid that fits properly and can be secured after every use. The overall packaging is light-weight and you can easily carry it practically anywhere; either in your medium sized purse or backpack.

The Nourishvitals Flavored Almonds (Lemon Pepper) is over all a great product. My personal experience was overwhelming as I could not stop myself from popping a few flavored Almonds every now and then. Though the packaging rightly states that you need to be careful while feeding the product to children under three years of age, my kids however enjoyed the product and did not suffer from the strong taste of the Pepper flavoring. I would definitely love to buy another one of the Nourishvitals Flavored Almonds (Lemon Pepper), as they go simply great with my evening cup of tea.