Body Care Routine

Body Care Routine

What measures do you take to improve your looks? And do you really take care of each and every part of your body or just try to beautify your face? You should answer yourself to these questions because merely applying some cosmetics and taking care of certain parts of the body once a week or fortnight won’t make your features attractive and spellbinding. All you need is proper body care routine including regular exercise for perfect physical appearance.

Significant step of body care routine


You should cleanse your face with suitable facial cleanser instead of bar soaps and other body washes. Cleansing is done to maintain a healthy and spot-free skin by removing surface dirt and substances which can amass and block pores. But use cleansers according to weather conditions or else it will not give expected result. In winter, use thicker cream cleanser to prevent drying out of your skin, while in summer use lighter gel-like cleanser for refreshing skin.

Skin toner

Toning is very important after cleansing as it cleans of the remaining residue from your facial cleanser and rejuvenates the skin. Skin toning also closes your pores which usually open up by the hot water and cleanser. Further moisturizing becomes easy after skin toning.

Skin massage

Massaging is the most effective and inexpensive way to increase circulation of blood and keep the skin healthy. But this handy technique is sparsely used by the women these days. The benefit of massaging is very much evident by the number of massage creams and gels available in the market. Massaging your skin on daily basis can be miraculous for which you need to shell out just 5-10 minutes in the entire day.

Facial masks

Facial mask helps in restoring youthfulness of the skin by reaching deep down into the skin and wiping out impurities. You can find facial mask available in different varieties in the market like gel, paper, creams, and that funky green goop you normally see in television. Unlike massage or other body care routine, facial mask can be applied 1-2 times a week. Applying facial mask more number of times a week can dry out your skin and make it too dependent on moisturizers.


You need to apply moisturizer on your skin as soon as you take a bath to prevent dryness. Moisturizer can be used in all season but in winter it plays a key role in keeping your skin smooth and supple. There are several types of branded moisturizing creams in the market that can suit your skin. And if you are fed up of the chemical-based market products then there are host of homemade moisturizers you can prepare using natural ingredients.


Pedicure is the thorough care of feet, legs and toe nails. It not only improves blood circulation but also nourishes the leg skin and foot muscles. The basic purpose of pedicure is to keep the feet clean, fair, soft and smooth. This method also keeps the toe nails clean, well-shaped and shiny.


Your hands also require adequate care and the process to maintain hands, nails and arms is known as manicure. This method helps preventing wrinkle formation on the skin and aging as hands are exposed to sunlight, pollution, chemicals, etc. Manicure also prevents nail damage like fragile tips, splits.

Eye care

Your eyes become dull and tired after whole day of movement and usually get rest only when you sleep. But apart from this, you can take certain measures to keep your eyes fresh. Avoid consuming excessive sugar and starch as it makes the eyes dull. After getting up in the morning, splash cold water on your eyes to improve blood circulation. Apple juice is rich in pectin and helps in making eyes sparkle, so you can wipe your eyes with apple juice.

Lip care

Chapped and dry lips affect your persona. Therefore, avoid cheap brand of lipstick, sun exposure, smoking cigarette and drinking tea or coffee in excess. Always use suitable lip care products to keep your lips smooth and beautiful. Iron, Vitamins and fresh air keeps the lips red. Carrot and orange juice can also be taken for maintaining red lips.

Good sleep

Our skin renews itself as we sleep. While lack of sleep makes one look older and the skin becomes drier. Not only our body gets complete rest during night sleep but our blood cells do a better job of supplying nutrients to skin cells. This is one of the effective way for natural body care.