How to treat blackheads

If you are affected by acne or any other skin disorder, you may

notice blackheads on your face sometime or the other. Blackheads can affect people at some point of their life. So let's find out the factors causing blackheads and their development on the skin, ways to remove them and prevent them from reoccurring in future.

What are blackheads?

Blackheads are irritating yellow or black bumps or plugs that appear when duct of sebaceous glands are choked with excess oil. Blackheads are also described as “open comedones” because of the opening of the skin surface. Blackheads are considered to be the initial stage of acne and they appear after bacteria invade the pores resulting in infection and inflammation.

The production of excess oil called sebum by sebaceous glands causes stretching and clogging of the skin pores resulting in the formation of blackheads. Blackheads become dry and turn somewhat black because of exposure of their top portions into air.

The factors behind production of too much oil by the glands are still not known. However, change in hormonal levels and several other imbalances in the body are believed to play role in the formation of blackheads. This type of situation, which is mostly observed at puberty ends afterwards. Some people don't consider it as a case, given the existence of blackheads even after puberty.

Blackheads are considered to be the common skin condition affecting not just the face but also the back, chest and other areas with plenty of sebaceous glands. You may feel like squeezing them but you must know that this can not be the solution to your condition.

How to remove blackheads?

Here are some simple tips to remove blackheads:

You will often find it difficult to keep your hands away from blackheads or blemishes that affected your skin; rather you will have a tendency of squeezing blackheads either consciously or unconsciously.

However, you can try a gentle removal to ensure prevention of further damage to your skin. Here are some tips for easy removal of blackheads:

Light squeezing: You can lightly squeeze with the help of hand to bring out the stuff from blackheads, without causing any harm to skin. Squeezing can not be harmful for the skin, if you do it carefully. What you need is to avoid over squeezing.

Exfoliation: You have an option of trying low potency exfoliating product like benzoyl peroxide to take out dead skin cells. The exfoliation with the use of this product be effective in removal of blackheads of even stubborn type, without causing any harm to your skin. You can also try microdermabrasion for removal of stubborn blackheads.

Topical retinoids: Some topical retinoids like Retin-A can help you successfully get over blackheads besides preventing the reoccurrence of blackheads by reducing oil secretion and unclogging the pores. In addition to this it is possible to restore the normal function of the cells with the use of topical retinoids. However, the process with topical retinoids is a little bit lengthy.

Chemical peels: You can effectively and quickly eliminate dead skin cells from the pores by using some skin care products containing salicyclic acid or chemical peels having glycolic acid. But such products are not applicable in case you are already trying topical retinoids.

Metallic Extractor: You can also use metallic extractor with its end having tiny and round opening for individually plugging out every blackhead. But you will need to ensure a careful handling of metallic extractor so as to avoid scarring.

Blackhead strips: Bring blackhead strips and keep them over nose for at least 10 minutes before pulling off. You will notice removal of blackheads on the surface. Though Blackhead strips can easily and quickly remove blackheads, they are not used for permanent removal. Make sure that you have carefully gone through the instructions mentioned on the pack before trying this method.

Diet/Food: Shed your bad eating habits and take proper diet and food. Your diet must comprise variety of vegetables and fruits. You will have to ensure natural reduction of oil production besides initiating suitable moisture for the skin and reducing acne. Drink plenty of water and don't eat oily food. Your recipes must include olive oil and other raw fats. It is also good to avoid cooked carbohydrates and fats.

Home remedies for Blackheads

Here are some effective home remedies to help you treat your blackheads:

Fenugreek: Crush some fenugreek leaves and add water in them to prepare a paste for application to the affected skin for nearly 10 minutes. Next, use lukewarm water for rinsing. This will stop growth of blackhead. You can use this paste every night before going to bed so as to make your skin clear and free from blackheads.

Coriander Leaves: Prepare a mixture of 1 spoonful coriander leaves juice and half spoon turmeric powder and apply it in the night before you go to bed. Wash it using cold water next morning. This will not help reduce blackheads besides improving skin complexion.

Curd: Prepare a paste of 1 spoonful curd and rice flour for application to the affected skin. Now, wash your face with the use of cold water after some time.

Honey: Honey is certainly useful for your skin. Use warm honey for application to the affected skin and wait for 10 minutes before washing it. Honey, which acts as a natural peel to your skin can not only remove blackheads, but can also enhance you skin.

Rose & Oatmeal Mask: Apply a mixture of oatmeal powder and rose water to blackhead affected skin. Now, wait for 15 minutes before washing it off with the use of cold water. This method can not just remove blackheads but can also avoid chances of blackhead recurrence.