Dermatitis is one of the most commonly found skin rash that not only causes itching sensation accompanied by redness but can also become lump and start seeping. The rashes are also likely to form scabs and scurfs. Dermatitis is also usually known as eczema. There are different types of dermatitis among which some may tend to appear in only particular parts of the body while the other can come out anywhere. This type of skin disorder mostly occurs on parched skin due to which an individual can’t get respite from continuously chafing it or when an individual is allergic to certain things such as skin care products, some food items or beverages. Dermatitis is not a serious complication and does not pose any threat to the life however an individual gets annoyed with this disorder want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. People having dermatitis can normally interact with the other people as it is not a communicable disease.

Symptoms and causes of Dermatitis

The general signs of dermatitis are formation of rashes that can not only cause severe itchiness and inflammation but can also look like bumps. Dermatitis is categorized into different types according to areas of its occurrence and causes. One of the most common types of dermatitis is caused due to frequent contact of the skin with the any particular material that causes irritation to an individual because he/she is allergic to it.

Another type of dermatitis results into severe itching of forearms, scruff of the neck and edges of the ankle areas but its actual cause is not known. You can also have dermatitis if you are suffering from seborrhea, a disorder that suddenly increases the activity of sebaceous glands, as well as if you find too much oily exfoliations in different parts of the body including scalp.

Dermatitis can also target the people who are suffering from rosacea, a skin disorder that occurs in both sexes but especially in women and is characterized by enlargement of blood vessels of the face. This results in formation of rashes around mouth and nose. Although, the exact cause of this type of dermatitis is yet to be known but some skin and dental care products can lead to the complication.

Dermatitis can also be caused if a person is suffering from stasis that results in typical slow down of liquid flow in the body or may even stop in some parts of the body. If legs are affected by stasis then liquid get accumulated in them due to which dermatitis occur on the skin. If an individual is suffering from any atopic allergy, a condition in which one gets hypersensitive in just a couple of minutes after contact, then he/she is more likely to get affected by dermatitis. You can be allergic due to several reasons like weaker immune system, already had some skin disease or even if you are asthmatic.

Diagnosis and treatment of Dermatitis

Your doctor will first try to find out the type of dermatitis you are suffering from and then according to the evident symptoms and after carefully examining the seriousness of the problem, he would start the treatment. If you are suffering from contact dermatitis then he would conduct a test to find the severity of the complication by applying different types of creams or lotions on your skin and allow it to remain in the same position for sometimes before reexamining the reaction taken place in the particular areas.

The treatment includes topical application of medicated creams or ointments on the affected areas for a certain period of time, usually for a fortnight or month before the rashes disappear completely. If the dermatitis is caused due to seborrhea and the affected part is scalp then there are medicated shampoos that clean up dandruffs and prevent formation of oily exfoliations. In case your complication occurs as a result of stasis then the doctor may suggest you to wear elasticized stocking to lessen the pressure on the veins of the leg.