Among different types of skin disorders, folliculitis is the one that significantly affects your physical appearance as its severity may not only cause rapid loss of hair making you almost bald but even leaves scars after the treatment. This complication occurs when your hair follicles get infected and you start feeling acute inflammation accompanied by occasional itchiness and slight pain. Your hair follicles are actually tiny tube-like cavities from where grows your hair and are also connected with small muscles and sebaceous glands. This disease comes out in the form of tiny pustules that are usually whitish in appearance. Normally, a majority of the folliculitis cases are milder ones and do not require any medical attention because the disorder cures itself in a couple of days. However, if the complication affects the deeper parts of the skin or tends to reappear often then one should quickly rush to the doctor.

Folliculitis Symptoms and Causes

Folliculitis can be divided into two parts – mild and severe. The milder form folliculitis usually remains on the surface of the hair follicles and are characterized by pustules, redness and itching sensation. On the other hand, if the complication becomes severe then apart from having the signs of milder ones, an individual experiences pain and finds marks of bumps left after the treatment.

Mild folliculitis can further be sub-divided into several types among which the most common is an infection caused due to staphylococcus bacteria. This may result into formation of pustules in any part of the body after the hair follicles get infected. Any type of bruise or cut in an individual’s body becomes easy passageway for the staphylococcus bacteria to get inside. Another type of mild folliculitis occurs in those people who spend much in bathtubs containing hot water. In this condition, the bacteria called Pseudomonodaceae can infect you promptly. In fact, those suffering from any type of skin disorders, have sustained skin injuries or are diabetic then they are more prone to this type of complication.

Similarly, severe form of folliculitis can also be categorized into several types according to infection. In one such type, Gram-negative bacteria can cause infection to an individual if he/she is taking long course of medication including high doses of antibiotics. On the other hand, spherical Gram-positive parasitic bacteria can infect you deeply as a result of which furuncle will come out and may even grow to the size of an egg. However, this furuncle bursts after a couple of days owing to self-healing nature of folliculitis.

The bacteria can infect your hair follicles through several ways like too much sweating, wearing tighter clothes or even while removing hair either through razor or cream. Similarly, preexisting skin problems accompanied by severe inflammation and any type of cut or scar after operation can also cause folliculitis. The other common cause of this complication can be any chronic disease or transplantation of an organ. Bacterial infection also takes place mostly in hot and humid areas. These are the main folliculitis symptoms.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Folliculitis

The milder form of folliculitis really does not require any medical attention but when it becomes severe, you should quickly go to the doctor for proper diagnosis and folliculitis treatment. Apart from examining general and evident symptoms of complication, your doctor will conduct a biopsy by taking sample of the pustule. Sometimes, folliculitis can lead to secondary infections like cellulites and the doctor then take very careful measures to treat both the problems simultaneously. The treatment methods of folliculitis differ according to the severity of the complication. Normally, the less severe type of folliculitis can be treated by application of medicated creams or ointments on the affected areas. While, if the disease exacerbates the one has to take a course of oral medication including doses of antibiotics.

Tips to prevent diffusion of folliculitis

Always wear loose fitting clothes, especially cotton fiber instead of synthetic ones. This type of clothing does not irritate your skin and allow the perspiration to evaporate easily.

Shaving should be done carefully avoiding any type of minor injury due to razor. Females prone to skin infection can go for epilators to remove hair.

If you are fond of taking bath in tubs with hot water then ensure hygiene is maintained. Also use chlorinated water instead of normal water.

Place cloth pads dampened in lukewarm water on the affected areas for comfort.

Always prefer antibacterial soaps to clean your affected areas.