Top 10 Skin Care Tips For Different Skin Types In Monsoon

Top 10 Skin Care Tips For Different Skin Types In Monsoon

Monsoon does provide relief from the harmful and painful action of summer but it also comes with loads of infections, given to the humid and damp weather. You must accept that every season comes with a good or bad news and so doe’s monsoon. It is noted since years that every little change that you make in your habit changes something about your skin. As it is monsoon, so bring some changes in your habits or follow these tips and see how drastically your skin shows positive changes.

Let’s Know These Ten Tips

1. Drink As Much Water as Possible

Be it any season, or any problem, drinking water is always necessary for protecting the skin, hydrating it and maintaining its health. Therefore, do think about your skin and drink as much water as possible. Although the normal necessary limit is about 12 to 13 glasses of water for female. Keep in mind that when you drink water, other than doing magic to the skin, it helps in flushing out toxins from the body. This tip is for everyone but it should definitely be followed by the dry skin types. You will see the drastic change in your skin in about 2 to 3 months, just don’t discontinue the habit.

Drink As Much Water as Possible

2. Use Coconut Oil On Lips

As it is monsoon and there is enough rain out there, we forget taking care of our lips which as a result become dry and cracked. The lips are part of the skin and it needs to be taken care of. What you can do is to nourish your lips from time to time. Do not wait for your lips to become dry and chapped but start applying coconut oil every night before you go to sleep. This is one effective tip for skin that you must follow in monsoon season. Otherwise don’t complain later for the half beauty. Also, replace your dark lipsticks with the milk cream.

Use Coconut Oil On Lips

3. No Bleaching Please

There are ladies out there that continue bleaching to get glow on their skin. It is okay to do but not in monsoon because it leaves the skin rough especially in this season. If you are one such lady then do avoid it or leave for other seasons. Avoiding does not mean limiting it but strictly avoiding it.

No Bleaching Please

4. Try To Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturizing skin especially the dry skin types is very important in monsoon season. If not moisturized, the skin becomes rough and experiences pimples, acnes and blemishes. Moisturizing skin from time to time helps in keeping the outer layer of the skin properly hydrated thus leaving it soft, supple and gives a moist look. Do follow this tip every day. If you don’t find a good moisturizing cream at the grocery store, try to form your own by using natural ingredients.

Try To Moisturize Your Skin

5. Avoid Using Harsh Cosmetics

This tip goes for all the skin type. Let be your skin dry or oily or sensitive or normal, you should avoid using harsh cosmetics or products. What is the point of using something that last beauty for only a few hours and also take away the natural sheen. It is not only monsoon, but try to avoid irrespective of the season. To keep a check on this, read the ingredient label behind the pack. If still you can’t understand the label, then why should you not go for the natural paste that bring permanent glow after some time of application. Also, these are free of any chemicals and bring you the most refined beauty.

Avoid Using Harsh Cosmetics

6. Use Natural Home Remedies

This tip is suggested for all skin types, be it oily or dry or sensitive or normal. Rather than spending bucks on chemicals based products which do not even assure the purpose, go for the natural home remedies. In all the cases, these bear result however, do choose the one that suits your skin types. If not bear result, at least these won’t cause negative effects on the skin. There are abundant of natural home remedies, you can go for the chick pea flour, lemon, milk and honey face pack. It is beneficial in rejuvenating skin leaving it flowing and fresh. There are various other remedies also, just choose wisely.

Use Natural Home Remedies

7. Use Warm Water To Wash Face

People having oily skin should wash their face with warm water rather than cold or chilly. The point behind this is that the warm water is capable of dissolving the excessive oil on the skin into it thus leaving it soft and supple. If not all the time, you can wash your face with warm water at least 2 times every day. Do not over wash, else the skin may become rough and dry.

Use Warm Water To Wash Face

8. Wash Your Face More Often

This tip is especially meant for the oily skin types. The skin in monsoon secretes excessive amount of oil that if not removed can cause other skin problems like acnes and pimples. Try to get rid of the excessive oil by washing your face with water. Try to wash at least 3 to 4 times every day. However, you need not to use face wash as many times as you wash your face. Do not exceed than this otherwise the skin texture may become rough and dry.

Wash Your Face More Often

9. Use Alcohol Free Toner

Most of us use toners for supple skin. If you are used to of toners then try to go for an alcohol free toner. Toning is important for dry skin types but now you know what kind of toner your skin demands so choose accordingly.

Use Alcohol Free Toner

10. Exfoliate Your Skin

This tip is again meant for the oily skin types. Use natural facial scrubs like seas salt or sugar to exfoliate your skin. This will help in unclogging the clogged skin pores and remove the outermost dead skin layer of the skin. Do go for natural exfoliator rather than the chemical based one. So keep your skin pores unclogged so that there appear no pimples, acnes and blemishes that otherwise may make the skin spotty and patchy. Do use regularly but not every day. Depending upon the concentration of the exfoliator, you may use thrice or twice in every week.

Exfoliate Your Skin