Top 10 Super Foods For Weight Loss

Top 10 Super Foods For Weight Loss

Weight loss is a tough process until you know what to eat. But if you are aware of the natural super foods which help in weight loss then it becomes a pretty easy process. Most of us go on a rigorous diet plan and Keep checking our weight with no result. Instead, making a diet plan with foods that help in weight loss and also give appropriate energy is a better idea. It is always better to consult a nutritionist for weight loss as they suggest better diet plans which include fruits and vegetables that can be taken. However here is a list of 10 super foods for weight loss that can give amazing results include the super foods in your diet and try, maybe you can find a great difference.

Top 10 Super Foods For Weight Loss:

1. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal can be ranked as Number 1 super food in terms of weight loss. Oatmeal has very less amount of carbs and calories. If you are used to cereal sugar breakfasts then it’s time to try oatmeal for your diet plan. One cup of cooked oatmeal contains about 6 grams of proteins and 4 grams of fiber. Oats help you to feel fuller when compared to other breakfast. It is said to be the favorite food for diet lovers. They also provide minimum required nutrients to your body like thymine, magnesium, zinc, iron etc [1].


2. Brown Rice:

The health benefits of brown rice can be attributed to its fiber content and it being a whole grain. Brown rice is not refined or stripped with its nutritional qualities like white rice hence considered to be a better option for diet planners. Brown rice is rich in fibers and also low in density hence it makes your feel filled and also energetic. The main weight loss reason behind brown rice is fewer amounts of brown rice makes you fill faster by eating less amount of it. The fiber present in a brown rice helps in good digestion and better bowel movements. It also optimizes the metabolic activities thus helping in weight loss [2].

Brown Rice

3. Green Tea:

Green Tea many studies and researchers have shown that green tea is helpful in weight loss. It is considered to be the healthiest Drink on this planet .Green tea contains EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), which is helpful in increasing the metabolic activity which in turn helps in weight loss. If you do not wish to take green tea as a drink you can take the supplements of green tea both are equally effective. Green tea contains antioxidants which help to break down the fat cells and send the fat into the blood stream [3].

Green Tea

4. Butter Milk:

Buttermilk is a drink that is produced by churning curd and removing excess fat. Buttermilk acts as filler for your stomach after consuming low fat diet. Buttermilk is relatively lower in fats and calories when compared to milk. Buttermilk promotes easy bowel moments and enhances digestion. Buttermilk is very easy to digest and is a best low fat diet available [4].

Butter Milk

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5. Cruciferous Vegetables:

According to researchers eating more amount of fiber tend to less weight gain. Cruciferous vegetables are the best sources of fiber cruciferous vegetables include broccoli cabbage cauliflower, Brussels sprouts Kale radish kohlrabi and collard Greens. Eating these vegetables regularly will help in weight loss. Half cup of broccoli gives 3 grams of fiber. These vegetables give low energy density because of high water content and fiber content. Another advantage of cruciferous vegetables is there usage in salads. Salads are the nutritious diet suggested by various dietitians [5].

Cruciferous Vegetables
6. Quinoa:

Quinoa is another super food which has gained popularity in the recent times .Quinoa is a staple food from South America and has been used since centuries. Quinoa is rich in proteins vitamins and minerals which help you to feel very much satisfied after having it.It is rich in dietary fiber and low in glycemic index. Quinoa is low in calories. 1 serving of quinoa gives approximately 172 calories. Quinoa is also rich in vitamin B12 which is required for body metabolism [6].


7. Avocados:

Avocados not be done in terms of weight loss but they can be incorporated in your diet plan. Avocados are sugar free hence they can be incorporated into your breakfast instead of any other fruit. Avocados contain only 80 calories per 50 grams of serving avocados can be part of diet plan for even type 2 diabetes [7].


8. Pine Nuts:

Pine nuts- not lovers can rejoice now because they have an option of Pine nuts when they are on a weight loss plan. Pine nuts contain pinolenic acid that stimulates hormones called cholesystokinin and glucagon like peptide that that trigger brain indicating stomach is full. Hence you won’t feel hungry for a longer time and will not peep towards high carb foods. Pine nuts are the richest sources of protein when compared to any other nuts [8].

Pine Nuts

9. Coconut Water: 

Coconut water weight loss is all about eating foods which have fewer calories than burning high amount of calories. If you are on a weight loss program that they must have food in your diet chart should be coconut water. Coconut water is rich in essential nutrients and proteins. Coconut water source and safe love for your stomach and reduces craving for other foods. As soon as you feel hungry you can sleep in a glass full of coconut water which can energize you instantly [9].

Coconut Water

10. Salmon:

Salmon if you are a non vegetarian lover and you are on a weight loss program then the best food to include in your diet chart is Salmon. Salmon may not affect your weight directly in reducing but it contains good amount of proteins and hence healthy option when compared to other meat products. It’s better to preferred wild Salmon than farm raised one [10].


Including the above 10 super foods in your weight loss diet chart can be helpful to reduce your weight. Apart from this there are many other foods like almonds, lentils, Pearl Barley, oranges etc. You can include salads and soups in your diet which help in losing your weight. We hope the above article is useful for you to go on a low weight diet.