Top 5 Super Foods To Avoid Dull Skin During Winter


Winter is one for the most loved seasons; mainly because it is that time of the year when you can play with snow, get ready for New Year parties and of course the much loved Christmas to enjoy! But it is also all about dull, dry and flaky skin that can cause havoc to your regular life. However, naturally you would find yourself shopping for the ‘best moisturizer’ in town for winter and also try a hand in all the ‘Grand-ma’s home remedies’. But, did you know that there are a couple of very simple foods that are lurking in your kitchen or the local vegetable markets that can actually help you get rid of dry-skin during winter? Marvelous isn’t it?

Here Are The Top 5 Super Foods To Avoid Dull Skin During Winter:

1. Eggs

Well, this is great news for all you ‘eggi-tarians’. Eggs everyday is great to keep dull skin away. Commonly, eggs in various forms make for the most used breakfast ideas world-over, you ne to focus on the ‘Hard-boiled’ types for now. Try a hand in sandwiches and salads where you can use hard-boiled eggs and this will help you get rid of dull skin during winter. This is mainly because, eggs are packed with Pantothenate acids that help produce Keratinocytes that make for great skin-barriers and protective layers in the skin.


2. Citrus

Being a power house of Vitamin C, Citrus fruits are super foods when it comes to getting rid of dull and dry skin in no time. Fruits like Oranges and Lemons are high on Anti-oxidants, thus adding to that youthful glow which is much desired for harsh winter winds. Starting your day with some kind of fresh Citrus juice is a great idea, as it helps in the over-all good looks of your skin.

Citrus Fruits

3. Walnuts

This winter, go nuts over Walnuts. These scrumptious dry-fruits are Power-foods when it comes to ‘Alpha-Linolenic Acids’ and Omega-3 Fatty acids. These components present in Walnuts help lock-in the moisture, thus getting rid of dull skin during winter. Being a rich source of Anti-oxidants, these nuts are also great when it comes to fighting skin-aging. So, get loaded on Walnuts this winter if you have been battling winter-dull-skin from a long time.


4. Salmon

All you sea-food lovers, it is time to love the good old Salmon all over again. Stock your freezer with good quality Salmon that will help you to great skin all through the winter. Being a rich source of Vitamin D, Salmons are great when you need to deep-treat your skin from within the system. Winter is all about grills and bakes; so enjoy your Salmon just the way you would like it.


5. Pomegranate

Come winter and suddenly you forget the good-old fruits. Well, not anymore. Pomegranates are one of those lovely fruits that will help you deal with dull, flaky and dry skin that come along with the winters. This particular fruit is known to be a rich source of Anti-oxidants that help in collagen breakdown which in turn help reduce wrinkles due to dryness. So, get those seeds out and whip-up some great tasting smoothies, cocktails, juices, salads and more.
So, you see that there is a lot more to skin care than your regular tube of beauty lotions. Get going to your kitchen and make the best out of these ‘super foods’ that promise to give you great skin during the cold winter season.