Top 5 Ways To Manage Skin And Hair During Monsoon

Monsoon with lots of rain also brings various kinds of skin and hair problem with it. It is also the season when we want to step out, dance in the rain and enjoy fullest. Well, we might enjoy the season but we cannot enjoy our skin and hair. To manage both, we need to be extra careful about our skin and hair. What need to be done is follow some tips or remedies that are meant to bless with a wonderful skin and gorgeous wavy hair. These tips are given below. Do go through each and keep your beauty intact.

5 Amazing Ways To Keep Your Skin And Hair In Good Shape In Monsoon:

1. Choose Face Wash Properly:

This is the first demand of the season. Of course, we wash our face regardless of the season but the way we do matters a lot. In monsoon, choose not just any face wash but the one with the antibacterial properties. Such face washes go well with the oily skin types. In case, you go out regularly, you have to be extra careful about your skin.

As the skin goes through a lot while outside, the proper ways to handle such poor treatment should be thought over. Many girls like to wear heavy makeup that lasts long. Well, thinking that it will keep the beauty intact will only bring wrath to the skin. Therefore, instead of going through all these, wash your face properly in the morning and use a mild moisturizer. It will definitely do wonder to the skin.

 Choose Face Wash Properly

2. Massage Your Scalp With Oil Regularly:

As monsoon brings a lot to the hair, you need to take care of your hair in the best way possible and what can be better than oiling your hair. If you want to keep your hair in the best shape in the monsoon, then oiling is not a tip but a necessity. First, it will keep the hair healthy from the roots, tackle the frizziness of the hair and keep it healthy every time thus giving you the freedom to wave your hair anytime. So choose a good carrier oil and massage your hair regularly especially when you oil your hair.

Massage Your Scalp With Oil Regularly

3. Use A Toner To Balance The Ph Of The Skin:

This is another need of the skin that rises even more in monsoon season. Toner comes up with the antibacterial action that removes the bacteria causing havoc to the skin in the form of frequent acne breakouts and disrupting the ph mechanism of the skin. Most of the toners in the market contain little amount of alcohol that becomes necessary for the antibacterial effect. Also, these are capable of removing the residual grime and the oil that remains on the skin right after using the cleanser.

So if you were thinking that just a cleanser is enough for the skin, you are making a big mistake. After using the toner, the skin pores become tighter and become eligible for better absorption of the moisturizer that you might be using right after.

Use A Toner To Balance The Ph Of The Skin

4. Keep Your Scalp Dandruff Free:

Especially in rainy season, most women often complain of dandruff, flaky scalp & itchiness. The reason can be the overuse of the styling products like serum or sprays in order to control flyaway hair and frizz. As it is the monsoon, you need to be extra cautious about what you use on your scalp and how you handle your hair. In monsoon, you need to take a break from such type of treatment or the styling products. An anti-dandruff shampoo is a wonderful idea that you can use thrice a week to keep your scalp clean and your hair healthy. You can also undergo a home remedy consisting of lemon juice, margosa leaves, and yoghurt.

Keep Your Scalp Dandruff Free

5. Exfoliation Is Must For Intact Rejuvenation:

Be it any season, exfoliation is always the need of the time. The accumulation of the dead skin layer does not depend of the varying of the season. It is evident be it any season. Therefore, you need to be ready for the exfoliation of the skin. Not only removing the dead skin layer but exfoliation is must for clearing the skin pores and lightening the dull skin. One very important thing that you might not be known is that exfoliation is an important step in skin renewable as well.

Now that you are aware of how important exfoliation for us, you must know how often you should be using it. Some scrubs are harsh, some are mild gel-based. The latter one is preferred more that the former because you can use it regularly (not every day). You can use this type of scrub about two to three times a week to keep your skin healthy and blemish free. For dry skin type, choose a cream based scrub. It will help in retaining the ph balance and moisture balance of the skin.

Exfoliation Is Must For Intact Rejuvenation