Top 6 Health Tips You Should Follow In Summer

Top 6 Health Tips You Should Follow In Summer

The long summer days are going to make you lazy. The burning heat and the laziness is going to end your craving towards real food and you are going to give up on the junk food more. Only if you can manage to stay fresh and active in summer, you can enjoy this time, else you are going to be lying in your bed all day long. You need real diet tips that are going to offer a lot of help to your health.

6 Amazing Health Tips In Summer:

1. Stop Sipping Too Chilled Drinks:

One should be sipping plenty of liquid in summer but there are restriction in it also. People are fond of drinking chilled drinks in summer. Well, this may bring enjoyment and relaxation for some time but it has side effects as well. Drinking chilled beverages or liquid is responsible for constricting the blood vessels in the skin and decreasing the heat loss. These things even the doctors do not advise as these may harm your health gradually.

2. Eat Seasonally:

It is summer and you cannot take the chance of skipping meals at all. Rather you should add more variety to your diet other than the oily and spicy junk food. Try to stick to the home food. Add colors to your dish like fruits. Experimenting with the colorful vegetables will only give your energy. It is your biggest and only chance because you will hardly find this many options when the cold season dawns. One more important information is to always take your breakfast.

The day if starts from healthy breakfast will keep you energetic the whole day. If you have a kid then do make your kid finish the breakfast else you might have to carry him on back after school hours.

 Eat Seasonally

3. Avoid Carbonated, Caffeinated, Alcoholic And High Sugar Content Beverages:

Beverages that contain high amount of sugar are never good for the body. Especially in summer when you need to be extra careful about your body, you should avoid drinking beverages that contain preservative, sugar and color. As these drinks are more of acidic nature, these act like diuretics that later becomes responsible for the loss of fluids though frequent urine. There are many soft drinks that have added diluted phosphoric acid which unfortunately may damage the inner lining of the digestive system thus disrupting its function.

Consuming these drinks in excess may raise the level of phosphorus in the blood that can harm the bones by separating calcium from it and making it brittle and porous which later may become the reason of arthritis, kidney stones, and bone spur. One more harsh truth about soft drinks is that it reduces the concentration of enzymes in the blood that may cause indigestion.

 Avoid Carbonated, Caffeinated, Alcoholic And High Sugar Content Beverages

4. Get Up And Keep On Moving:

Well, this might seem impossible in the lazy summer but it is advisable for all ages. In summer, we know how lazy we all feel even if we have the energy. If the thought of feeling like doing nothing is not overcome then we will actually become lazy after the summer ends therefore, the best option to skip this laziness and be active is to keep moving. You can start this with exercise or cycling or jogging in the morning and choosing for walking whenever possible.

If feel lazy, you can sip energy drink or water and keep yourself hydrated. Also, do not skip any meal else no doubt your energy will not support you for long.

Get Up And Keep On Moving

5. Eat Cooling Foods:

As summer are lazy and we hardly feel like eating the home made food, we end up sipping more of chilled drink. Well, if you really are feeling hot and want something cold then why not choose the cooling food that are not only high in nutrients and minerals but also provide a cooling sensation. Such foods are like yoghurt, coconut water, watermelon, cucumber, mint, green veggies, onions, melons and lime water. You can use these foods in different forms like you can prepare smoothie, or use in salad or prepare a juice.

Eat Cooling Foods

6. Drink Plenty Of Water:

When it comes to water in summer, you must drink as much water as you can without missing single day. Because it is the biggest thing that is going to keep you from getting dehydrated and become a great help for your health, you should set a parameter of drinking water every day and it should not be less than 10 glasses of water per day.

If possible, you can drink more than this. At times, people are not able to drink this much amount of water, than at such times, watery or juicy fruits like watermelon can be eaten. These make great source of nutrients and also fulfill the sufficiency of water in the body.

Drink Plenty Of Water