Top 6 Oatmeal Face Masks For The Overall Beauty

Top 6 Oatmeal Face Masks For The Overall Beauty

Oatmeal is a wonderful ingredient capable of removing any kind of dirt or impurity from the skin pores and freeing it from the dead skin layer that otherwise makes the skin look dull and few shades darker. Today, you will come across the top 6 methods to use oatmeal to provide your face the ultimate thousand pound beauty. These masks include oatmeal and various other ingredients that make the recipe capable of solving lots of skin problems along with exfoliating the face.

6 Amazing Oatmeal Face Masks For Overall Beauty:

1. Olive Oil, Oatmeal And Egg White Face Mask:

In this recipe, you are using olive oil that has amazing deep penetrating quality and moisturizing the skin from beneath, egg white that is wonderful for aging skin as its nutrients help in tightening the skin cells and oatmeal that removes the dead layer and cleans the clogged pores.

Add 1 teaspoon each of olive oil and ground oatmeal powder into a bowl. Now, add 1 egg white to these ingredients. Mix properly and then you can apply all over your face. After keeping it for 20 minutes or till it air dries, wash off with lukewarm water.

Olive Oil, Oatmeal And Egg White Face Mask

2. Oatmeal And Turmeric Face Mask:

Oatmeal works as an efficient scrub in removing the dead layer of the face. When mixed with turmeric powder, it gains the potential to lighten the skin hue, erases its scars and improve the overall texture of the skin thus making it few shades fairer. The role of turmeric besides enhancing the potential of oatmeal is to prevent the formation of melanin, protect the skin from the environmental damage and lighten the skin tone. You can try adding milk cream if you want more benefits on your skin. Milk cream makes the skin soft and supple.

Mix 2 teaspoon of milk cream with ½ inch of fresh turmeric roots and 2 teaspoon of finely ground oatmeal. Make a fine paste of these ingredients and apply all over your face till neck. Allow it to stay on your skin for 20 minutes or until it air dries. Finally, wash off with lukewarm water and a mild face wash. Instead of using daily, try using it twice every week.

Oatmeal And Turmeric Face Mask

3. Oatmeal And Yoghurt Scrub:

This one is another exfoliating remedy for rejuvenating the dull skin with the brightening vitamins and the moisturizing minerals. It has oatmeal that works efficiently in removing the dead skin layer and cleansing its pores while yoghurt, that bears a soothing effect and moisturizes the skin. The live bacteria culture of yoghurt also helps in lightening the skin hue and eliminating the wrinkles and the acnes from any spot be it face or body. In this recipe, you have the option of using brown sugar and honey. The former enhances the exfoliating property of oatmeal while the latter one moisturizes the skin that is must needed after exfoliating the skin.

In 2 teaspoon of finely ground oatmeal, add 1 teaspoon of brown sugar and 2 teaspoon of honey .Mix these ingredients properly to form a paste. In case the paste formed is too thick, prefer adding few drops of rose water. When done, apply the face everywhere or just face or the concerned area just 10- 20 minutes before you take shower. When it has dried, rub it off and then take a shower. Apply a moisturizing cream or lotion after this. Do repeat whenever you take shower.

Oatmeal And Yoghurt Scrub

4. Oatmeal And Sandalwood Scrub:

Oatmeal is popular for its skin exfoliating quality while sandalwood powder when applied on the skin, lightens its shade and highlights its natural beauty. This recipe besides using only on face can be used on full body for the overall beauty. With this scrub, you can even tone your skin, remove the dark patches, from thighs, knees and underarms. Use it twice every week to see your skin glowing, fresh and smoother. You will surely be able to see the skin whitening process speeding up.

In 2 teaspoon of finely ground oatmeal, add 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder. Mix the two ingredients well. Prefer adding 4 teaspoon of fresh orange juice for added benefits and 2 drops of any citrus essential oil. The last two ingredients are optional, you can skip them as well. When added all the ingredients, mix properly. Put into an airtight container. To use it, wash your body first and then apply the oatmeal scrub allover your body gently in circular manner. Allow it to stay for 5 minutes and then you can rinse it off. Do apply a body lotion afterwards.

Oatmeal And Sandalwood Scrub

5. Milk Banana And Oatmeal Facemask:

This facial mask works well for nourishing the skin as it has banana that removes the blemishes from the skin, eradicates the free radicals that otherwise brings faster ageing, milk that is necessary for smoothing and softening the skin besides improving the collagen production and oatmeal that always bears the exfoliating property. Stick to the face mask twice every week and you can find your skin becoming much younger with keep its elasticity intact.

To form the paste out of these three ingredients, mash ½ ripe banana with 1 teaspoon of milk and 1 teaspoon of ground oatmeal. In case of oily skin, go for skim milk and creamy milk if you have dry skin. Mix the three ingredients and apply all over your face. Let it stay for 20 minutes and then you can wash it off using the face wash that suits your skin type.

Milk Banana And Oatmeal Facemask

6. Oatmeal And The Lemon Mask:

This is the mask every girl would want to have. It has oatmeal, the wonderful exfoliating ingredient and lemon juice that with the citrus content helps in banishing the body blemishes, removing the annoying tan, even out the skin tone and brightening and whitening the skin tone. You can add milk powder that is another potent scrubbing ingredient capable of removing the dead skin and unclogging the clogged pores.

In 3 teaspoon of finely ground oatmeal, add 2 teaspoon of lemon juice, and 1 teaspoon of milk powder. Stir the three ingredients with a teaspoon and then add 2 teaspoon of lukewarm water to bring these three into the consistency of a paste. Once done, apply all over your face till neck. Do dampen the skin before applying it. When dried completely, scrub off the paste and then rinse off with cool water. Repeat twice a week to get healthy, glowing and spotless skin.

Oatmeal And The Lemon Mask