Top 6 Remedies To Remove Laugh Lines Or Smile Wrinkles Under The Eyes

Top 6 Remedies To Remove Laugh Lines Or Smile Wrinkles Under The Eyes

Laughing is what we do every day. Many people experience laugh lines or the wrinkle lines due to smiling. The fault lies not in them but in the face type and the way we laugh. We cannot change it so does that mean that these lines once appear will go only deeper and you can never get rid of these. Well, if you think so then you probably are mistaken because no matter how you laugh, you can always remove these smile wrinkles. How you can achieve success in that is given down here. Do go through these remedies and see how your smile broadens without any smile lines.

6 Ways To Get Rid Of The Smile Wrinkles:

1. Papaya Fruit Mask:

Try applying some papaya juice or papaya peel on your hand and see how soft it feels later. Now imagine your facial skin acquiring the same softness. Well, here you are not using it on face but surprisingly it can also be used to get rid of the laugh lines under the eyes. Papaya is full of vitamin E that helps in filling the deep lines caused due to laughter and a natural enzyme called as papain that helps in exfoliating the skin other than making it really very soft, moisturized and younger. Papaya is also filled with the vitamin C content that helps it to fight the free radicals into the skin and boost collagen and elastin that only tighten the skin thus freeing it from the crow’s feet. In short, not only will you be able to remove the laugh lines but also make your skin younger and softer which means beautiful eyes.

Simply crush few pieces of a ripe papaya and place it around the eyes. Let’s wait for the 10 minutes and then you may wipe it first with a clean wet cloth. Wait for some more time before you finally decide to wash your eyes with lukewarm water.

 Papaya Fruit Mask

2. Egg White Facial Masks:

Using facial masks regularly proves to be very important for removing the lines that are comes due to the laughing. This is the face masks that we use to cleanse the skin pores and tighten the skin. If you go for the facial masks, make sure that you choose the ingredients that are effective in tightening the skin as such ingredients together with the other ingredients form a strong blend that prove to be very efficient in removing the fine lines or laugh lines under the eyes.

You can form an egg mask for the under eye purpose. Simply break one egg and whisk its white portion. Now apply it all around the eyes focusing especially on the lines. Let it stay for about 3-4 minutes. Do not let it stay for longer interval thinking that it will be more effective. It might make the lines go deeper and permanent. Wash off with lukewarm water later. If you want, you may add some other ingredients from your side. However go for the ones that solve the problem that you are undergoing such as lemon for lightening the skin.

Egg White Facial Masks

3. Aloe Vera:

One of the best skin care agent makes a great remedy for removing laugh lines. Aloe vera gel is full of the antioxidant property that fights the free radicals that compensate for the damage caused yet. To fill the damage, it boosts the collagen and elastin that promotes skin tightening. Aloe vera also possesses the hydrating property that makes the skin hydrated which is the need of everyday.

Simply squeeze aloe vera gel from a fresh aloe vera plant and apply all around your eyes. Let it air dry, if you don’t want to wait for that long, you may wash it off by simply giving it 10 minutes. Do apply regularly; if possible, use daily to get rid of the problem in very less time. Also, if you are dealing with the skin condition then also you may use it.

Aloe Vera

4. Drink Plenty Of Water:

As it is the need of every skin, I believe you should know it already. Drinking plenty of water every day keeps our body hydrated and also prevents dry skin type. It is not sometime or when you remember, but you should be drinking approximately 10 glasses of water every day as it helps it keeping skin supple and smooth that helps to keep the smile wrinkles at bay. If you don’t believe it, then why should you not try it now? However, you might have to wait for about a month or more for the results to come.

Drink Plenty Of Water

5. Avocado Mask:

When it comes to removing any factor related to skin ageing such as fine lines or normal lines, like crow’s feet, avocado makes a great remedy. Full of vitamin E, this fruit is blessed with the amazing laugh lies healing power. Beside laugh lines, it can be used to get rid of the dead skin layer as well.

Choose one ripe avocado and scoop its pulp. Now add few drops of rose water to this pulp and apply all over and around your eyes. Let it nourish and moisturize your eyes for 8 minutes. You may remove it with a wet cloth first followed by giving it 5 more minutes. Wash it off later.

 Avocado Mask

6. Milk Mask:

Milk is another very strong choice for removing laugh lines under the eyes. Milk is known to have glycolic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid that are known to cleanse the outer layer of the skin so effectively that it seems natural. In this case, you may get rid of the laugh lines. Other than its skin cleansing property, milk is also preferred for its exfoliating property. So why just eyes, why should you not go for the whole face?

Simply applying milk on your skin will solve the purpose but if you want, you can add few drops of lemon juice and some organic honey to it. Blend the three ingredients and apply all over your eyes and face. You can keep the mask on face for as long as you can but don’t prolong on the eye region else it will just deepen the lines. If you are using just milk, simply soak a cleanse cloth into milk and massage your eyes. You may also put it on the lines. After keeping it for 5 minutes, wash it off. Do this daily till the problem goes away.

Milk Mask