Top 6 Uses Of Eucalyptus Oil For Health

Essential oils are soon becoming an important part of our everyday lives, thanks to their healing properties. While almost every essential oil is just as important, we will discuss the uses and benefits of Eucalyptus Oil in this article. Eucalyptus is the native of Australia, with its widespread use in almost every aspect of the daily life out there. The medicinal property of Eucalyptus was propagated to the rest of the world from Australia by the English settlers. With its relaxing fragrance and healing properties Eucalyptus oil gained popularity amongst the medical practitioner to treat wounded soldiers. However, let us take a look at some of the most important properties of Eucalyptus oil.

Uses Of Eucalyptus Oil Are As Following:

1. Soothing And Relaxation

One of the most popular reasons for Eucalyptus to be synonym to spa is its soothing effect and relaxation properties. To enjoy the essence of this wonderful essential oil, you however need not necessarily always visit the spa. All you need to get is a good diffuser and your favorite Eucalyptus essential oil.[1] Just pour-in about two to three drops of the essential oil in your diffuser and sit back and relax the wonderful aroma.

Soothing And Relaxation

2. Pain And Wounds

With its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, Eucalyptus oil is a must-have in your medical cabinet. This particular essential oil is known to heal wounds and also prevent any further infections, making it your new ‘first-aid’ partner.[2] However, keep in mind that before you use the Eucalyptus essential oil, is sure to dilute it with some carrier oil such as Grape seed or Olive oil. In case of over-stressed muscles and joints, Eucalyptus oil is known to soothe the pain and provide muscle-relaxation as well.

Gives Relief From Muscular Pain

3. Immunity Booster

For those of you who have been long battling cold and Flu, Eucalyptus Oil is your secret to a much healthier life.[3] This essential oil is known to dilate the air passages, thus, allowing improved Oxygen intake and easier breathing conditions. So, in order to get rid of your Sinus troubles and heavy-breathing just steam-up your bath with Eucalyptus oil before bed-time and enjoy a blissful sleep. Hanging a bunch of fresh Eucalyptus leaves on or next to your shower is also one of the clever ways to reap its benefits as you shower, not to forget the heavenly aroma in your bathroom that lingers long after!

Helps Boost Immunity

4. Hair Care

Eucalyptus oil is also known to help get rid of itchy and flaky scalp condition. Combine a few drops of this essential oil in your favorite carrier oil and massage it all over your scalp just before your regular hair-wash.[4] If you are having trouble keeping the lice away from infecting your hair, spray-on a mixture of coconut oil along with Eucalyptus oil for best results.

Faster Hair Growth

5. Bug Repellent

Being a natural pesticide, Eucalyptus oil is very useful when it comes to keeping the bugs away, including head Lice. Over-the-counter remedies may be effective but are quite harsh on the scalp and hair sometimes leading to unwanted irritations and also allergies at extreme cases. Eucalyptus oil is both effective and also natural, thus helping you to get rid of lice without being harsh on your hair-follicles.[5] The best way to use Eucalyptus oil for lice is to mix a few drops with your favorite shampoo and lather regularly. If done once every week, you will be free from lice in no time.

Kills bugs and lice

6. Cavity Cure

Eucalyptus oil is germicidal in nature; this makes it a perfect all-in-one dental care helping you get rid of cavities and also dental plaque.[6] The best part is that this oil is simply great smelling, making it a natural breath-freshener and sweet-tasting.

Cavity Cure

Just like everything else, Eucalyptus oil can also lead to a certain degree of poisoning. If you happen to experience dizziness, suffocation and small pupils, you need to discontinue the usage and rush to the nearest medical help. These are just few of the uses of this multi-purpose oil, as there are also various other methods and usage of Eucalyptus oil. If you are fighting-off bad odor in your house, just pour-in a few drops of Eucalyptus oil in your curtains, carpet and linen to have a fresh-smelling home. So, here you are with all that you need to know about the good old Eucalyptus oil, grab your bottle now and make the most out of this ‘superstar’ of an oil!