Top 6 Vitamins For Beautiful Skin

Top 6 Vitamins For Beautiful Skin

Taking care of the skin and keeping it in the best shape should be the first aim of your health regimen. After all, it is the largest part of your body. To keep you skin healthy, you might be relying on various health care product and remedies. You need these but not just these. The skin needs to be cared topically but the inner health of the skin matters more. After all, we go outside every day and receive large scale skin damage from the harmful rays of the sun. If not sought a remedy or a care soon, then the effects may become permanent. To reduce these effects and enlighten the skin from every corner, today, you will come across the top 5 vitamins. Just read on and see how these Vitamin Are needed & how you should be using these.

Top 6 Vitamins To Maintain The Beauty Of The Skin:

1. Vitamin A For Fighting Ageing Signs:

Vitamin A is recognized as the best overall age fighter vitamin [1]. When Vitamin A reaches in the skin pores, it helps in reducing the wrinkles, smoothing the roughness and fading the brown spots. It has retinoid that is experimented and is considered as a true ingredient. You can find this vitamin into night creams, OTC creams and the prescription products.

Buy a good cream having Vitamin A. Apply the retinoid at night instead of day time as sunlight makes the retinoid inactive. Make sure that you go for the prescribed retinoid to receive faster result. However these are sometimes irritating, causes redness and flakiness which may last for about a week. If you are a beginner, then go for the OTC creams as these are less irritating. If you are taking prescribed retinoid, then apply it every third night, apply less like a pea size amount on your entire face.

Vitamin A For Fighting Ageing Signs

2. Vitamin C For Reducing Spots:

Vitamin C is an essential Vitamin Known for wiping the free radicals that otherwise trigger the sagging, ageing and also wrinkling [2]. With proper usage of Vitamin C, you can actually make your skin smooth and firm. Even on sun-damaged skin, when this vitamin was used for about 6 months, significant improvement were seen in the discoloration and the fine lines, proved an experiment.

You can find it in the moisturizers that are formulated to preserve the Vitamin C stable. Make sure that you look for this vitamin in the middle of the ingredients panel. Do apply Vitamin C early in the morning especially before applying sunscreen. This is to shield the skin better from any free radicals that get to your skin through the UV rays.

Vitamin C For Reducing Spots

3. Vitamin B3 For Reducing Redness:

Vitamin B3 boost hydration in our face that helps in reducing redness [3]. This essential vitamin is known to increase the production of the fatty acids and the ceramides which are the two essential components for protecting the outer layer of the skin. It the outer layer is strengthened, the skin’s capability to keep the irritants out and stay moisturized increases. It is a great vitamin for the skin if the complexion is sensitive and b3. In an experiment, it is even proved that Vitamin B3 is even capable of improving the blushing and the flushing of rosacea. Also, it helps in avoiding the transfer of pigments to the skin cells, and also minimize the dark spots.

It can be found in lotions, serums and creams. If you can’t read its name anywhere then try to find out niacinamide on the label. If you want to see the best results, then apply the b3 Vitamin at evening or in the morning. Also, you can use niacinamide and retinoid in conjunction as these two won’t inactivate each other and also decrease the possible side effects.

Vitamin B3 For Reducing Redness

4. Vitamin D For Healthy Skin:

Not many people would be aware of Vitamin D as a skin vitamin [4]. Vitamin D can be received by sitting in direct exposure to light sunrays. At this time, the cholesterol gets converted into the Vitamin D and then it goes to the liver and kidneys and is transported everywhere in the body to keep the cells healthy. This includes skin also.

You can get Vitamin D through direct sunrays, fortified foods, breakfast cereals, yoghurt, cod, tuna and orange juice. Ironically, the free radicals that are received from the harsh sunlight can be eliminated by the light sunlight, the one which is free of UV rays and full of Vitamin D. Do not miss this vitamin if you really want to see your skin free from the harsh effect of the free radicals.

 Vitamin D For Healthy Skin

5. Vitamin K Of Dark Circles:

Vitamin K is considered as the best solution for dark circles as it makes the eyes brighter and younger [5]. With regular usage of Vitamin K, the under-eye circles are reduced. The fragile capillaries that permits the blood to leak into the skin are the main cause of dark circles. Vitamin K or phytonadione helps to maintain proper circulation of blood and also prevents any clotting. In one study, if this vitamin is used daily, then the deep dark circles can be reduced largely within 4 months.

The retinol is also known to thicken the under eye skin that makes it difficult to see the dark blood vessel underneath and lighten the melanin pigment that makes the dark circles more prominent. Also, there is no irritation or side effects of Vitamin K.You may find it in the eye creams that contain retinol. Apply it at night. Use no more than once or twice every week.

 Vitamin K Of Dark Circles

6. Vitamin E For Retaining Moisture:

Vitamin E becomes a great help in quelling dryness by helping the skin retain more of natural moisture [6]. It also has the potential to neutralize the free radicals and protect the skin. In one studies, Vitamin E was found capable of reducing the number of molecules that had become unstable due to the exposure to smoking. In other studies, it is proved that Vitamin E if used on the skin before exposing it to sunlight, the skin becomes less swollen, red and dry.

This Vitamin E can be easily be found in the after sun & the sunscreen products. If you want to seek the best Vitamin E containing product then be sure to read at least 1% in its label. Apply sunscreen before heading out in the sunlight and after sun’s exposure. Rather look for a sunscreen that is supplemented with Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Vitamin E For Retaining Moisture