Top 7 Foods To Gain Muscle Mass And Strength

Top 7 Foods To Gain Muscle Mass And Strength

The youth wants to gain muscle mass & strength these days. However, it is a common belief that is impossible to achieve this goal without training. Well, it is not correct. You can gain muscle mass even if you do less of training because the secret lies in what you eat and the nutrition that you take. Therefore, focus not only on intensive training but on your diet also. If you don’t give a damn about training then all your hard work and training may go in waste. Whether it is for muscle mass gain or for the general fitness maintenance, you must consume the top 7 foods listen down here.

Let’s Go Through The 7 Foods That Can Help You With The Muscle Mass And Strength:

1. Lean Beef:

If is you want to gain muscle mass then you need to make lean beef as your staple diet [1]. Contributing to the muscles growth, lean beef is loaded with important nutrients and minerals like zinc, vitamin b complex, and iron. More importantly, it provides our body with the high quality protein and amino acid that play a significant role in contributing to muscle mass. Even for those, who want to lose weight, lean beef can be served as it provides more of protein and less of calories.

Lean Beef

2. Skinless Chicken:

Similar to the lean beef, skinless chicken is another very important food for muscle mass [2]. It is loaded with the high quality protein which repairs the muscle, maintains weight and also regulates the bone health. And, yes you can cook it in many different ways. Just make sure that you don’t use calories rich ingredients. Alternatively, you can cut a single serving from the meat and eat after boiling & sprinkling some seasoning on it.

Skinless Chicken

3. Cottage Cheese:

Not many people are aware of cottage cheese as a lump of pure casein protein [3]. You might be wondering what casein is? Casein is a protein that slows down the digestion thus acting as a perfect food for muscle maintenance. This food is for people who have no choice but to survive longer period without eating anything. Also, cottage cheese is filled with the excellent vitamin B12, calcium and various other important nutrients.

Cottage Cheese

4. Eggs:

It is especially boys passionate about gaining muscle mass [4]. For these boys, eggs is a far important food. It is filled with the protein choline, the right fats, nine essential amino acids and the vitamin d. If you have enough time to gain muscle mass, then go for egg rather than the high-price foods. Loaded with nutrients that promote muscle mass, eggs provide the exact value of money. Also, it is not harmful for the health.


5. Whey Protein:

When it come to the fitness industry especially muscle gain industry, whey protein supplements is the widely popular supplement [5]. These come at an affordable price and are a faster and convenient source of protein. The bodybuilding freaks normally take it when they wake up, when they are done with workout and sometimes mixing it with the meals. As you are not a bodybuilder, just rake it once i.e. after workout and it will prove to be extremely effective for gaining muscle mass. However, don’t rely entirely on whey protein because the whole foods are still better source of protein. Whey protein is just a boost.

Whey Protein

6. Whole Grain:

Whole grains should be eaten irrespective of you want to gain muscle mass or not [6]. This is because, whole grains digest efficiently and provide our body with nutrients more than the normal refined grains. Whole grains also promote sustainable level of energy not just into the body but the overall health. It is brown rice that can boost the growth of the hormone level which in turn will help you in losing fat, muscle growth and gain strength.

Whole Grain

7. Healthy Fats:

Especially when you are so willing to gain muscle mass, the right knowledge of what you should eat is more important. Not every food contributes to the muscle mass [7]. While some are filled with the fats, some with carbohydrate and some with protein and others. We all have the common misconception that fats only contributes to gain in weight. Well, no. Not all the fats do so. There are good fats that prove to be essential for muscle growth. Such fast promote the production of the hormones such as the growth hormones and testosterone which drive the muscle growth and gain in strength.

Not just for muscle growth, fats are also important for the maintenance functions. The monosaturated and the polysaturated fats are the good fats and you can easily find these in foods such as nuts, leafy vegetables, seeds, avocados, flaxseeds, salmon and seeds. These food products are also rich in omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acid.

Healthy Fats