Top 7 Home Remedies For Removing Forehead Wrinkles

Remedies For Removing Forehead Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles on face and forehead are actually the signs of ageing. It is the time when the skin starts losing moisture, and elasticity thus developing abundant of such lines on forehead. The probable reasons for this is the direct exposure to sunlight, stress, application of too much cosmetics, & improper skin care. What happens under the skin is the formation of free radicals that damages the skin tissues causing several kinds of skin disorders, fine lines being one such.If you are desperately looking for a solution of this problem, then you should think about a remedy that is capable of decreasing the count of free radicals. Well, you might not be knowing, but antioxidants throw a wonderful bout to free radicals. There is vitamin E and C that are known to maintain the youth. So now, you should look for something that are full of these nutrients and vitamins. You can’t find these? No problem, I will help you with 7 home remedies that are full of these ingredients and have much more for your surprise.

Let’s Read Some More about the Techniques of Removing Forehead Wrinkles

1. Coconut Oil

One of the lightest and the very soothing oil works amazing for a number of skin problems. Coconut oil penetrates deep down the skin pores and moisturizes the skin. Because of the presence of antioxidants, it works wonderfully against free radicals which otherwise accumulates in the skin and makes it dull and donate many wrinkles. It is said that skin which is hydrated properly and is kept moisturized remains free of wrinkles. Don’t believe so, just use coconut oil.Take a cotton ball and drop few drops of organic coconut oil on it. Massage on your skin for some time. Do let it absorb inside the skin pores properly. Once it does, wait for some time and then wash it off. Otherwise, you may massage it every night before going to sleep and wash off the next morning.

coconut oil

2. Avocado And Lemon Juice

Avocado is another very important ingredients for the removal of wrinkles and to get clean skin. Try mixing it with lemon juice to enhance its properties. You will feel the skin tight and free of wrinkles with the continuous usage.Scoop two teaspoon of ripe avocado pulp and mix it with few drops of lemon juice. Mix well and apply an even layer on your face. Keep for some 20 minutes and then rinse off with warm water giving few final splashes of cold water.

Avocado And Lemon Juice

3. Banana And Papaya

You will definitely find the presence of any one of these two fruits in various lotions, creams and face washes. It is because, papaya contains papain that makes the skin ultra-soft or just like its pulp and banana is known to tighten the skin layer that contributes to the removal of wrinkles. You may use the combination of these two fruits for the removal of forehead wrinkles.Take banana and papaya in equal amount. Instead of raw, go for ripe qualities. Use a food processor to blend or simply blend with your fingers. There should be present no lumps. Apply all over your face till neck. Wait for 15 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. Follow trice every week to notice the visible results very soon.

Banana And Papaya

4. Honey And Olive Oil

When you use honey, go for Manuka honey. It is therapeutic and proves to be extremely valuable for removing the sigs of ageing. It works wonderful in keeping skin healthy, regenerated and youthful. Coming to olive oil, it is a great moisturizer and skin hydrating agent. The gentle massage of Manuka honey and olive oil improves the blood circulation in the facial tissues that keeps the skin healthy, supple and glowing as always.In one teaspoon of Manuka honey, add few drops of olive oil. Make sure that you don’t make it too runny. Apply on your face uniformly and keep for some 10 to 20 minutes. Finally rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Do apply thrice every week to receive maximum results in less time.

Honey And Olive Oil

5. Citrus Fruits Like Orange Or Lemon Juice

Citrus fruits juice contain vitamin C and vitamin E that conserve good health of the skin. The juice extracted can be used for bringing smoothness. Well, it is the flavonoids in the citrus fruits that strengthen the skin capillaries, boost collagen formation and make the skin tight thus giving a wrinkle free youthful appearance.Take fresh lemon juice and apply on the concerned area. If you have sensitive skin, you may add a few drops of water as well. Alternatively, you can go for lemon juice mixed with honey. This will keep the skin moisturized and work upon wrinkles as well. After applying, do let it air dry for some time and then rinse properly with lukewarm water. Apply every day to get wrinkle free and clear skin.

Citrus Fruits

6. Lemon Juice And Milk Cream

Another very effective remedy for forehead wrinkles removal, lemon juice and milk cream comes with different properties. Lemon as mentioned above solves the signs of ageing while milk cream make the skin soft and supple.In one teaspoon of milk cream, add few drops of fresh lemon juice. Mix well and apply all over your face. Keep for some time, probably 15 to 20 minute and then wash off with lukewarm water.

Lemon Juice And Milk Cream

7. Aloe Vera And Egg White

You might have noticed the skin becoming tight after application of egg white. This property of egg white is used here along with the soothing property of aloe vera gel. Both of these two ingredients are rich in vitamin E that is also known as the youth vitamin. Aloe vera is effective to make the skin supple and nourished and free from fine lines as it contains malic acid while egg white comes in use for tightening and toning the skin.Extract gel from fresh aloe vera stem. Mix 2 teaspoon of this gel with white portion of one egg. Do beat the mixture properly before you finally apply on your skin. Form a uniform layer on your skin. Keep for 10 to 15 minutes and then take it off with the help of lukewarm water. Do go for this remedy twice or thrice very week. Also, do keep in mind not to apply egg white under the skin and prolong it for too long.

Aloe Vera And Egg White