Top 7 Tips For Natural Detoxification

Top 7 Tips For Natural Detoxification

While Detoxifying centers are huge rage lately and the Detoxifying Programs are soon becoming the new ‘it’ thing, you will be surprised to know that you can achieve the same results at home. Yes, while you spend dollars and dollars together for your latest ‘Detox’, here are a few simple steps, if followed religiously can make a huge difference. It should be understood that the process of Detoxification is not a ‘once-a-year’ event, but an everyday process that can be achieved on a daily basis.

Here Are The Top 7 Tips For Natural Detoxification:

1. Organic Foods

This is one of the most important aspects of your Detox program. Organic foods are better than the processed variety for various reasons; mainly as they are free from man-made synthetic ingredients.[1] These ingredients, like High Fructose corn syrup are harmful in more than one ways as they are tough to digest. The organic varieties are rich in natural sources of vitamins and minerals, thus keeping your overall system more ‘natural’ and healthy.

Organic Foods

2. Super Foods

Super foods are soon gaining huge popularity, thanks their nutritional value. However, unlike the professional and rather uncomfortable method of detox, you need not change your entire diet plan.[2] The best way is to include a super food in each of your meal to get that ‘metabolic-high’. Super foods such as, Asparagus, Avocados, Beets, Broccoli to name a few have a long-lasting effect when it comes to your purification process.

Super Foods

3. Natural  Consumption Of Probiotics

One of the major advantages of the Detox-program is the fact that it cleanses your body off the food consumed without it having to stick around in your stomach and release harmful toxins after fermentation.[3] While generally you would opt for the ‘pill-pop’ method where artificially processed probiotics are infused into your system, you can go natural instead. For this, try consuming Probiotic foods like Korean kimchi, German-style sauerkraut to name a few and you will never have bowel-related issues.

Add Probiotics

4. Green Tea

Green tea has a huge part to play when it comes to your ‘at-home-detox-program’. Instead of consuming milk-based tea, spice-tea or even coffee, switch to green tea as it is rich in anti-oxidants. Other than that, Green tea is also available in a wide-variety of types ranging from ‘sleep-improving’, ‘energizing’, liver-cleansing’ and many more.[4] Green tea also has lots of flavors to choose from Dandelion tea, Cilantro tea, Fenugreek tea and various others. In order to detox your system, make Green tea your daily routine and you will be surprised with the freshness and lightness it has to offer.

Green Tea (3)

5. Brushing Your Body

While internal-cleansing is the main aspect of detoxification, however external cleansing is just as important. For this, you need to get hold of a nice soft Loofah or bath sponge and gently ‘brush’ every inch of your body just before you step into your shower.[5] Keep in mind, your Loofah or Bath sponge should be dry and gentle, as you might end-up hurting certain sensitive parts of your body during the process.

Brushing Your Body

6. Fitness Routine

As you go about what to eat sleep and drink; it is also important to remember that you need to sweat-it-out too. Keep your body fit and well-toned with regular exercises so that your Lymphatic system does not remain overworked with all the cleansing process.[6] This, like the other steps does not have to be some heavy iron-pumping routine, as a simple everyday walk is just good enough.

Fitness Routine

7. A Good Sleep-Dose

With all that exercises and health-routine throughout the day, it is important to be able to relax your body as well. A good night’s sleep is also an important part of your detox-program as sleep helps revive your overall system. To be able to wake-up early be sure to have an early dinner and go to bed.[7] This is an important step, as it is this time when your internal organs like Liver and Kidney get to do their ‘dirty-work’. More time you give your body to cleanse itself, better it will be to remove all the waste from your system.

A Good Sleep-Dose

As you might have observed, there is nothing ‘out-of-the-world’ about detoxification, but a few simple steps that will make your lifestyle a lot healthier. The main aspect of this at-home-detox is your dedication towards the entire process with the same or even better results.