Top 7 Vegetarian Food Rich In Proteins

Vegetarian Food Rich In Proteins

As the world is going through the current trend of ‘healthy food’, it is not a surprise that the vegetarian diet has gained huge popularity. However, as everything comes with a challenge of its own, vegetarian diet has its own challenges as well. Though being rich in fiber and vitamins, sometimes it is usually misunderstood that Vegetarian food lacks the right amount of Proteins. This is not completely true, as there are quite a few Vegan options as well to full-fill the Protein demand of the body. Let us take a look at some of the best Protein-rich vegetarian options.

Below Are The Vegetarian Food Rich in Proteins:

1. Soy Products

Soy is one of the most popular vegetarian protein options. Not just that, Soy beans are also great as they make one of the most flexible of food-items. Soy products taste just as good as any meat and can be used in sandwiches and curries. Steamed Soy make for a great appetizer and Soy milk can be used for your oatmeal.

Indulge in soy products

2. Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds are a good source of Proteins and are also a great store house of all the nine Amino Acids. It has been reported that including Chia Seeds in your diet can cut-down the risk of heart diseases as well. The best way to include Chia seeds in your daily menu is to blend them with yogurt or your regular smoothie.

Chia Seeds

3. Quinoa

Quinoa is a power-house of all things healthy and a great vegetarian option. It is high on Protein content, the heart-loving unsaturated fat and is a rich source of fiber, thus making you fill full for a longer time. Being a rich source of Amino acids, it is reported to build muscles over fat, which is great news for those of you looking for a vegetarian option that helps in body-building. Quinoa can be used in a variety of manner; be it in salads or as burger patties or even along with your regular meal of mixed beans.


4. Hemp Seeds

It is quite a surprise that Hemp seeds are closely related to Marijuana; except it is absolutely non-toxic of course! These make for the perfect health food as they help fight against heart diseases and obesity. This particular vegan-delight is rich in fiber and Omega-3, thus making for that perfect snack item. For your vegan-menu, you can add Hemp seeds into your salads, cereals and also as your Protein-shake option.

Hemp Seeds

5. Buckwheat

Buckwheat is not only a great source of Protein but also contain Belly-flattening fiber and Magnesium that help in muscle development. There are many ways to include Buckwheat in to your menu; enjoying a delicious bowl of Buckwheat noodles or even Pancakes make for good food options.


6. Spinach

It is reported that a single cup of Spinach has equal Protein-level as that of a hard-boiled egg and with half the amount of Calories. To make the most out of the nutritional value of Spinach it is best consumed boiled. This way the Vitamin level are retained and also rules-out the bloating effects after eating veggies.


7. Amaranth

Amaranth, much like Quinoa is an ancient seed which is loaded with Proteins and makes for a great veggie-option. This is a Gluten-free seed that also aids good digestion and muscle-building iron. Being Porridge-like in its consistency Amaranth makes for a good breakfast idea along with various fruit-toppings and cereals.


So, there you have it. These are some of the best Vegan-options that are a rich source of Proteins. Now, all you need to do is pick-up your favorites and list-out your menu of some delicious food items.