Top 9 Best Natural Teas For Stress Relief

With pressures and problems springing up in different angles every day, you are bound to suffer from extreme stress. This competitive world is leading to stressful environments. Therefore, many people are struggling a lot to get rid of stress to enjoy a peaceful life. Relying on medication for controlling stress is not a good idea. Because medication shows it adverse results in some cases. Hence, depending on natural and safest way to relieve the stress is appreciated. Exercising, talking to dear ones or getting outside can be considered as few of the best ways to manage stress. At the same time, you have to intake anti-stress foods in your diet. There are certain teas that help to manage stress in an effective way.This article is all about such effective natural teas for managing stress in a useful way.

1. Peppermint Tea:

Peppermint tea is one of the best teas with healing qualities. This tea is very effective in controlling stress. Whenever you feel stressed out, just drink a cup of peppermint tea. As you do this, you are going to grab its healing qualities. You can easily manage stress with this wonderful healing tea. In addition, peppermint tea also helps in boosting your health in various ways. This tea is also said to be very helpful in improving digestion, eliminating inflammation, managing bad breath, and boosting your immune system.[1]

Peppermint Tea

2. Basil Tea:

Basil is very effective in handling stress in an effective way. When taken in tea form, you can notice the best results. Basil is packed with vitamin K and vitamin A. Both these vitamins help in energizing your body naturally. In addition, magnesium content of basil helps in regulating the functioning of your cardiovascular system. As a result, your body starts feeling better. Consequently, you tend to notice a great relief from the psychological symptoms associated with stress.[2]

Basil Tea

3. Sage Tea:

Sage tea is said to be effective in combating stress. Calming effects of sage tea helps in controlling the stress levels. Sage is full of healing properties. By taking this herb in the form of tea, you are not only getting a great relief from stress but also can get benefit from it various ways. It helps to solve various health issues and thus makes you to stay fit and healthy.[3]

Sage Tea

4. Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile tea is highly effective in calming the mind. In fact, this tea acts as a nerve tonic. Thus, it is very helpful in relieving you from stress. Also, having a cup of chamomile tea is one of the best ways of combating stress. In addition, chamomile is rich in healing properties. You can manage various health conditions with this powerful healing tea. Chamomile tea is very helpful in reducing irritability and relaxing muscles.[4]

5. Lemon Balm Tea:

Lemon balm tea is one of the best and natural ways of dealing with stress. Healing properties of lemon balm are highly helpful in calming your mind. According to herbalists, you need to drink at least three cups of lemon balm tea in a day for managing stress. Regular usage of lemon balm tea may give you fruitful results within a week. Lemon balm is considered as the safest and gentle herb for the usage. Hence, you can undoubtedly use it in the form of tea for grabbing its stress relief benefits.[5]

Lemon Balm Tea

6. Passion Flower Tea:

Passion flower tea is regarded as a stress relieving tonic. This is because of calming effects of the powerful passion flower herb. Due to its calming properties, passion flower tea is very helpful in managing sleep irregularities in a natural way. Lack of sleep is the primary reason for excessive stress. Passion flower tea can be considered as the best alternative for sleeping pills or calming drugs.[6]

Passion Flower Tea

7. Green Tea:

Consuming green tea is considered beneficial for general well being. At the same time, green tea is also high in stress relieving properties. Green tea is effective in promoting relaxation. It promotes brain health. When you are looking for an extra boost, just drink a cup of green tea. This healing tea is capable of removing sleepiness and lethargy. In addition, this tea also works as a stress buster.[7]

Green Tea

8. Lemongrass Tea:

Another natural tea for managing stress is lemongrass tea. This tea is very effective in reducing stress. In addition, lemongrass tea is helpful in aiding digestion in children. Also, this tea is beneficial in soothing menstrual cramps and reducing fever. But, this herb is often blended with lemon myrtle and chamomile for enhancing the flavor of the tea and supplementing the health benefits.[8]

Lemongrass Tea

9. Lavender Tea:

Lavender tea is said to be effective in relieving migraine headaches and stress. At the same time, lavender tea is very helpful in aiding digestion. Its calming effect is very helpful in encouraging sleep. Thus, you can get rid of sleep deprivation which is the main reason for stress. Hence, drinking lavender tea is very helpful in combating stress.[9]

Lavender Tea